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a compound of alumina and a metallic oxide

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Klein, Properties of the Calcium Silicates and Calcium Aluminate Occurring in Normal Portland Cement, Bureau of Standards Technol.
it often provides the other oxide partner in mineral complexes, such as magnesia/alumina spinel, calcium aluminate, iron alumina spinel (hercynite) and zinc alumina spinel (gahnite).
An APIIC official, said "Kerneos is expected to produce calcium aluminate that is mainly supplied to the refractory industry.
The new phosphors are green aluminate and red nitride materials that enable high-quality white illumination when applied to blue LEDs.
Supplying iron (II) sulfate, iron (III) chloride (sulfate) solution, and sodium aluminate as a precipitating agent for waste water treatment plants.
Under SARA Title III, cobalt aluminate blue, zinc oxide white and some mixed-metal-oxide pigments now used as partial replacements for lead and cadmium would be eliminated.
Altair also have been approved installers of Avanti International chemical grout for many years and recently became an approved installer of the SewperCost Manhole Lining System, which is a calcium aluminate product manufactured by Lafarge Aluminates and distributed by Porter Associates in Florida.
recently completed construction of a manufacturing plant in Lake Charles, Louisiana, for the production of sodium aluminate and other aluminum-based products.
Included are cobalt aluminate blues, cobalt chrome aluminate turquoises, cobalt titanate greens, nickel titanate yellows, chrome titanate buffs, iron titanate browns, iron-free titanate browns, copper chromite blacks, cobalt violets, and manganese violets, all supplied in dry powder form.
The Aluminate app is a perfect addition to the other educational tools and actions Alcoa is undertaking to boost recycling rates.
Supply of inorganic coagulant based on aluminum chloride, sulphate and sodium aluminate used in the processes of wastewater treatment.
Richard Lister, President of Zemex stated that "the year 2000 was a good year from an operating point of view for most of our industrial mineral operations and not a good year for our Alumitech operations, our calcium aluminate facility or our North Carolina mica operations.
Germanium is first subject to heat surface treatment in an ultra-high vacuum, and a layer of strontium of up to ten atoms is deposited on the surface of the germanium, followed by a lanthanum aluminate (LaAlO3) high-k film.
Contract award: delivery of iron (iii) salt solution and sodium aluminate solution.
2% from the comparable period in 1999 largely due to the costs associated with the corporation's continuing start-up of its calcium aluminate facility in Ohio, the significant escalation in the costs of aluminum dross feedstock for the aluminum recycling operation, and the costs of the mica start-up at Bear Creek, North Carolina.