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Synonyms for alum

a white crystalline double sulfate of aluminum: the ammonium double sulfate of aluminum

a white crystalline double sulfate of aluminum: the potassium double sulfate of aluminum

a person who has received a degree from a school (high school or college or university)

a double sulphate of aluminum and potassium that is used as an astringent (among other things)

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"I like the Alum Rock Road because it's very multicultural.
But just as the price of alum reached unprecedented levels, a seeming miracle occurred.
Salas added that Alum's 27-year-old mother, Elizabeth Avalos, is now in Indonesia to be reunited with her daughter who was taken away from her last June.
Yassin also explained that one of the major outputs of this conference would be the "Beirut Declaration" which will be drafted by a team of ALUM members that will provide a blueprint for how universities can and should respond to the refugee and migration crises.
More and more "Bachelor" alums are getting married this year.
Other events have taken place across the area to celebrate the alum industry, including guided tours of the alum mine in nearby Loftus.
Eleazar said the alum was recovered while the District Personnel and Human Resource Development Division was cleaning out the DAID barracks following the policemen's transfer to the District Headquarters Support Unit, also in Camp Karingal.
Tony McCarthy rounded it off with a win for the Alum to make the final score 12-5 to Snooker Club.
This event gives them a chance to meet alums from other classes as well; however, "Alumni Reunite!'' is open to every Shrewsbury High alum, and to their guests.
Then sprinkle a generous amount of alum powder to the glue while it is still wet, and let it dry overnight.
Colleges and universities invest millions in their alumni engagement departments, as they know that the alum is the one who will speak the best about your institution and will help to drive your results.
"I would suggest that tap water be necessarily subjected to alum treatment," she said.
Nicole Commissiong, UO alum and UO associate dean of students
Four coagulants were used such as FeCl3, AlCl3, Alum, and FeSO4, to remove the turbidity in single and blended form.