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Synonyms for alula

scalelike structure between the base of the wing and the halter of a two-winged fly


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tuft of small stiff feathers on the first digit of a bird's wing

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Bayanat Alula customised the connect 4G bundle with different and flexible data bundles that suit the needs of customers by offering data bundle packages (2GB, 5GB, 10GB and unlimited).
This allowed Ras Alula and Ras Mengesha's Tigrayan fighters to finish crushing the remainder of Albertone's brigade by swift movements associated with a deluge of rifles firing, spears hurling, swords swirling, and hand-to-hand combat.
A statement from the force said a team from Norwegian warship HNOMS Fridjof Nansen on Sunday went to talk to the crew of four fishing boats near Alula, a northeastern Somali coastal village known for piracy.
Alula Berhaane, command country managers, Air Force Security Assistance Center
In Proceedings of the 14th International Conference of Ethiopian Studies, 6-11 November 2000, Addis Ababa, Baye Yimam, Richard Pankhurst, David Chapple, Yonas Admasu, Alula Pankhurst, Birhanu Teferra (eds.
By 'the two configurations' (al-nash'atayn), Sadra has in mind the configuration of this world, or 'the first configuration' (al-nash'ah alula, referred to in Q.
Through the scope, the distinctive black alula feather in the wing was clearly visible.
Joining him on the vocals for the pulsating Middle Eastern rap-reggae-inspired tune are Justin and Jared Stein singing in English and Alula Tzadik singing in Arabic.
The grant will also fund an endowment for studying the Brighamia rockii, also called the alula, in the National Collection of Endangered Plants.
By moving that digit, a bird can separate the feathers of the alula from the rest of the wing, creating a slot that helps channel air over the flight feathers.
heroes' like Yohannes and Alula to look up to; nor do they have a major
NEW YORK -- Ethiopian born Singer/Songwriter Alula launches his new program of EAST MEETS EAST (East Africa meets Middle East meets East Europe) in a concert on March 18th, 2012, 6PM at THE HELLER BALLROOM (at THE FOREST HILLS JEWISH CENTER), Queens, NY.
Holly performed to record label representatives at a LIPA event last month with her band, ALULA, who will also support pop-rockers Scouting for Girls on tour later this year.
Legs: Metathoracic coxa with a single lateral macroseta; metathoracic femora uniformly dark red-brown to black (proximal or distal end may be slightly paler); tibia 1 without an apical spur; alula and pulvilli present.