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Synonyms for alula

scalelike structure between the base of the wing and the halter of a two-winged fly


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tuft of small stiff feathers on the first digit of a bird's wing

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Alula includes two security system specialists, that together create an advanced smart security platform designed to meet the needs of customers while simplifying business for professional security dealers, installers and integrators.
The alula is a small bone, sometimes referred to as the first digit, which is located on the cranial aspect of the wing, just distal to the carpus.
Upon arrival at Mekelle's Alula Aba-Nega Airport, al-Bashir was warmly welcomed by higher regional and federal government officials.
In Fino a Dogali, Oriani writes longingly, and perhaps appropriately, from his sickbed - presumably just after the January, 1887 defeat of a contingent of roughly five hundred Italian colonials led by lieutenant colonel Tommaso De Cristoforis by ras Alula at Dogali (in the lowlands of Eritrea).
Discographie: 2002 :The Gift, Triloka/Razor & Tie - 2000 :Gift of the Gnawa avec Adam Rudolph (Mars 2000) - 1998 : Life Around the World, Alula Records -1998 :VA-World Traditions, music of the world --city hall - 1998 :VA-Global Voices Box Set, MUSIC OF the world --city hall - 1998 :VA-African Heartbeat: African Heartbeat, Shanachie Records - 1997 :Jamshied Sharifi : Prayer For Soul Of Layla, Alula Records - 1997 :Richard Horowitz/Deyhim : Majoun, SONY - 1995 :VA-Week Or Two In The Real World, emd/real world - 1995 :The Fire Within, music of the world (city hall) - 1993 : Trance avec Zahar (Real World n38) - 1992 :Kronos Quartet : Pieces of Africa - 1991 :Gift Of The Gnawa, Flying Fish - 1990 :Zahar, Knitting Factory Records.
Thorax: Prosternum large, abutting proepisternum and prothoracic coxae; dorsal (anterior) margin of prosternum with distinct flange-like projection (75); mesonotum strongly humped; postmetacoxal area membranous; anatergites asetose; pulvilli well developed; alula highly reduced (130); anal lobe and alula reduced and without bordering vein (ie.
For example the base ala functions verbally as alaia, a term which could be translated 'kill', and ala takes a reduplicative form, alula (that is, a contraction of ala-ala) to function as a noun for 'war'.
Thus, having mentioned the development of the falaj (aflaj) system of irrigation in south-eastern Arabia early in the Iron Age - which he stresses, correctly, occurred here first, much earlier than in Iran - he then mentions the probable existence of aflaj in the northern Arabian oasis-settlement of alUla, arguing that, since the dromedary had already been domesticated by this time, "it cannot be ruled out.
The storm hit the Eyl, Beyla, Dangorayo and Hafun districts along the eastern coast and across to Alula at the tip of the Horn of Africa.
The Chelsea star (above right) opened the scoring from the spot after he was fouled by defender Alula Girma with 10 minutes remaining in Rustenberg.
He was chopped down by Alula Girma as he broke into the area to win a penalty, which he placed coolly into the bottom right corner.
Michael Bartholomew Mwandri (a), Julius Chacha Mwita (b), Negussie Alula Bekele (c), Ibrahim Mohamed Ali (a) and Michael Stephen Walsh (a)
Saudi-based telecom operator, Etihad Etisalat (Mobily), has reduced the prices of its connect laptop 4G bundle through its subsidiary Bayanat Alula, in a bid to provide its customers with affordable prices.
On emergence, the wing length measurement (5 males and 5 females) was taken from their left wing (or right if the left was deteriorated or lost) from the distal edge of the alula to the end of the radius vein (excluding fringe scales).