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someone who makes charitable donations intended to increase human well-being

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Altruist Enterprises was founded by Katie Buckingham when she was 19 andshe recently appeared in BirminghamLive's 30 Under 30 campaignhighlighting some of the city's most inspiring young people.
Specifically, the authors investigate who they see as the primary actors in the mission to fight AIDS, from the "altruists" who envision themselves playing a critical role in saving African lives, to the African "brokers" who act as the middlemen and guides between Western altruists and the communities they want to affect, to the "villagers" who dream of their lives being dramatically transformed by the intervention of Westerners.
Now, Altruist works with organisations across the region, including Birmingham City Council, West Midlands Fire Service and NatWest.
Described by the University President as "the universal lifer, the universal giver," Samia was described by her colleagues both at AUB and AUBMC as someone who always strives to serve her community to her utmost abilities, and an altruist and empath who has always helped Leaders and students with equal dedication, persistence, and enthusiasm.
On the altruist standard, the dispossessed, the disadvantaged, the distressed, the underprivileged, the have-nots, the underclass, the downtrodden, the weak and helpless, the ability-challenged, "the most vulnerable among us"--the needy, have been robbed.
It is not that I am great altruist and that I like Macedonia, but out of political experience I claim that such events will be catastrophic for the Albanians.
Group-selection theory goes further by claiming that natural selection has predisposed human individuals to sacrifice their own fitness for the good of their group regardless of whether the beneficiaries are among the altruist's genetic relations.
The glorifying God praises the altruist people in this Quranic verse: "...
On the other hand, he may choose to become an altruist and say, "I care for you, I'll help you".
Glyphs related to UFOs are found all over the world, particularly at the Sandy Shores hippie camp and scary Altruist mountain hideaway, ringed in alien code that can possibly be decrypted as well.
The nomination is an international appreciation for Mandela's 67 years of altruist services aimed at uprooting racism, establishment of social justice, and inspiring millions of people around the globe to try to establish a better world for all.
Chauhan, who is a true philanthropist and an altruist, announced that the OPD and all the services offered by it will be free of cost during the initial three months for everybody and would cater to all strata of society.
There's virtuous environmental altruist Buck Anderson, rich, ambitious patriarch Atticus Golden, and Donovan's charming, stew-making Irish mother, Mary.