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(of hatchlings) naked and blind and dependent on parents for food


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Thus, in general, the period when the newborn altricial pups benefit most from the thermal protection afforded by subnivean birth lairs is from late March to early April.
Brood manipulation studies, in general, tend to show that enlarged broods produce more fledglings than control broods, especially in altricial species (VanderWerf 1992).
Sucede que el perro es una especie altricial (aquella cuyas crias nacen inmaduras, no pueden ver ni oir, tampoco controlar su temperatura corporal), por lo que, hasta que son independientes y pueden comer por sus propios medios, dependeran de cualquier adulto, se apegan a cualquier cosa que les brinde comida, refugio y proteccion (otros perros, otras especies como el gato o el ser humano).
The order Galliformes is characterized by precocial offspring, with breeding systems that reduce parental investment comparing with altricial birds (Royle et al.
Maternal Behavior (MB) is of vital importance in human being development and the development of other altricial species such as humans, rodents, some carnivorous and some omnivorous, as they are born underdeveloped to survive on their own.
This is especially true for altricial species such as Ross's Gulls that have a longer developmental period.
Altricial larvae present little yolk reserve and do not have a functional digestive system fully developed at the onset of exogenous feeding, making them dependent on the live food in their initial feeding (Kolkovski, 2001).
Larvae of this species are altricial, requiring one or both parents (biparental brood care) to feed them for the extent of their immature life stages.
So that low growth and high mortality rates may be avoided, it is important to meet the nutritional requirements of fish larvae, particularly altricial larvae, characterized by an undifferentiated digestive system and by dependence on live feed at the start of exogenous feeding to assist in the digestion process (Micale, Garaffo, Genovese, Spedicato, & Muglia, 2006).
Trees with dense vegetation cover would assure a good shelter for altricial birds including Blackbird.
However, multi-nest sequential polyandry in birds with altricial chicks, where males are either unwilling or physiologically unable to perform the majority of incubation, is sometimes also documented (e.
This will enable us to disentangle the mechanistic relationships between exposure to urban stressors, oxidative stress, DNA methylation and telomere dynamics during development and the consequences for growth and survival in an altricial bird species.
Regarding the fact that most of the Colombian native fish have altricial or indirect development larvae, several authors say that the critical time and the success in the production of fingerlings is the start of the exogenous feeding.
This holds true whether young ones of a particular species are born in precocial or altricial condition.
An evolutionary backdrop to derived features of paternal care should also begin with a discussion of the evolution of highly altricial (helpless) and dependent offspring.