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(of hatchlings) naked and blind and dependent on parents for food


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Alternative life histories of the genus Lucania: 3: an ecomorphological explanation of altricial (L.
Rodents are altricial species, and their organs mature after birth, which explains why postnatal factors may be more pertinent in rodent species, whereas pre- and perinatal factors play a vital role in human development.
Francisco-Morcillo, "Eye development and retinal differentiation in an altricial fish species, the senegalese sole (Solea senegalensis, Kaup 1858)," Journal of Experimental Zoology Part B, vol.
In colonial birds that nest in trees and have altricial chicks (i.e., chicks without feathers and with eyes closed at hatching), early stages of parental care have been suggested to involve indirect recognition of chicks based on location of nest.
Altricial development in wood-feeding cockroaches: The key to antecedent of termite eusociality, pp.
The young of altricial birds, not only when they are in the nest, but as long as a month after leaving it, are fed by the parents....
The critical period for birds of this sort, the so-called altricial birds that spend some time in the nest, is to get them just before they are ready to leave the nest.
Female ferrets in particular would be expected to exhibit territoriality similar to other species that bear altricial young (Wolff 1997, Wolff & Peterson 1998).
The "altricial" model may be related to a marginal, floating, unstable environment, where the animals are living best when producing the most possible descendants.
It is known that cool temperatures are one important threat to the survival of juveniles of species with altricial development.
FL Recent fledglings (of altricial species) or downy young (of precocial species such as galliformes, shorebirds or waterfowl) confirm breeding.
The most significant modification in humans compared to other extant primates is altricial birth, which is the birth of helpless newborns (as opposed to precocial birth in species like chimps and horses).