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a cumulus cloud at an intermediate altitude of 2 or 3 miles

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According to the NWS website, a fallstreak hole forms when, "high to mid level clouds, such as altocumulus, are often composed of tiny water droplets that are much colder than freezing, but have yet to freeze.
Next, there are three mid-level clouds: altocumulus, altostratus, and nimbostratus.
He takes photographs of airplane contrails and altocumulus cloud patterns and posts them on Facebook as evidence that the government is spraying us with chemicals and conducting surveillance.
Breitkreutz et al., "Stratus not altocumulus: a new view of the yeast protein interaction network," PLoS Biology, vol.
He said the setting rays of the sun had been refracted by a range of altocumulus clouds some 9,000 feet up, giving the stunning colour display.
This warmer influence is presently limited by dry air above it (the anticyclonic fringe) so the resultant Altocumulus cloud band is not so thick, yet still turbulent enough to assist occasional lower-based cumulus cloud in its convective thrust.
Mid-level altocumulus clouds can be banded or rounded in formation.
Leave the newspaper on the walk, the daily crapshoot-- a patch of sky still vague where Larry and all the others left on the threads of altocumulus, or where you recall trivial faces from that '50s game show--Arlene Francis, Dorothy Kilgallen, Bennet Cerf, and John Daly on What's My Line?
In my eyes there are swells of altocumulus and mist.
Altostratus and altocumulus are the common mid-level clouds, explained Nasiri.
The dramatic clouds - altocumulus lenticularis - are usually found in mountainous regions due to very specific atmospheric conditions.