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True fanatics can likely ski and ride into May at the northernmost and most altitudinous resorts such as Killington, Sugarloaf and Jay Peak.
No matter how you're playing, you'll hit the heights on the centre course as its on the most altitudinous part of the resort set among ancient olive groves.
He derides the poets of the Revival for being 'antiquarians, delivering with the altitudinous complacency of the Victorian Gael the Ossianic goods'.
Richard stormed the major leagues in the 1970s with the Houston Astros, it got baseball executives thinking about the advantages of the altitudinous, particularly in pitching.
If our icy and altitudinous Mallarme has been "terrasse" for some time now by critical readings attentive to social, political, cultural, or other more frivolous aspects of his performances, Rosemary Lloyd's Mallarme: The Poet and his Circle extends further the arena of his earthy interactions into unexplored territories of occasion and friendship.
Renee Fleming was at the top of her form in the title role, and the debut of French coloratura Natalie Dessay was a sensation, her voice scaling altitudinous heights with a tone of glassy brightness as spectacular as it was accurate.
The lower storey is rendered a Barraganesque blood red, an appropriate choice, since Johannesburg's scorching highveld has much in common with Mexico's altitudinous intensity.
The breathtakingly scenic Kancamagus is curvy and altitudinous, but quite drivable, especially with all-wheel-drive and snow tires.