altitude sickness

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effects (as nosebleed or nausea) of oxygen deficiency in the blood and tissues at high altitudes

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Altitude sickness can be a problem, and I am a little concerned because there's nothing I can do to prepare for it, apart from taking the cocoa leaf."
The first person died in Simkot on July 2 morning, possibly due to High Altitude Sickness, while the second person succumbed to heart attack in Tebet and was brought to Simikot on July 3 morning," the Indian Embassy in a statement stated.
"The psychological aspects of the challenge were a constant internal saboteur, but the cause alone kept us going during the crippling altitude sickness and physical exertion."
Football pundit suffered altitude sickness of his attempted ascent of Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa's highest peak
Several rescuers were suffering from altitude sickness at the 4,600-metre site, a member of the search teams told the official Xinhua news agency.
Together the hikers battled difficult terrain, challenging weather conditions and altitude sickness while climbing the Tanzanian giant, which stands almost 20,000ft above sea level.
Yet even after a gruelling ordeal and a serious bout of altitude sickness, Al Fardan now has his sights set on reaching the Mount Everest base camp.
Brian, who is based at Birtley Community Fire Station, in Gateshead, has been jumping in the saddle and riding 120 to 150 miles a week to keep his up stamina levels but his biggest test to overcome will be avoiding altitude sickness.
While most of the team reached the 5,895m summit, a small number were told to turn back as they were suffering from the dangerous effects of altitude sickness.
"The most difficult part of the climb was not the physical effort, but the altitude sickness symptoms, which were not too pleasant."
Eight days of climbing, severe altitude sickness and temperatures that plummet to -20C are just some of the things the Maxfields can look forward to.
Joined by 24 colleagues, he will face the risk of dehydration, altitude sickness and deep vein thrombosis in the pilgrimage to Everest's Base Camp to raise funds for hospice charity Sue Ryder Care.
Pete, being a pessimist - he'd say realist - by nature, does confess to feeling anxious about altitude sickness. Which, at 5985m, Good old Kili' (as I'm told those in the know tend to call it) might throw at us.
Inner Armor[TM] multivitamins and Altitude Advantage[TM] (protects you from altitude sickness) round out the line.