altitude sickness

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effects (as nosebleed or nausea) of oxygen deficiency in the blood and tissues at high altitudes

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Football pundit suffered altitude sickness of his attempted ascent of Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa's highest peak
Tourists to high mountain cities such as La Paz - located about 11,800 feet above sea level - often rest and drink coca tea to deal with altitude sickness, the New York Daily News reported.
Then, during stage eight of the punishing race, between Salta and San Miguel de Tucuman in Argentina, Hussaini suffered badly from altitude sickness.
This is great news for the millions of people who head to the mountains every year and develop altitude sickness, which can be very debilitating, even potentially fatal," said lead study author Grant S.
Mr Simpson, 40, struggled severely with altitude sickness during the seven-day walk but reached the summit nonetheless with the others on February 18.
Second, Acetazolamide (Diamox) has been demonstrated in well-designed clinical trials to reduce the symptoms of altitude sickness.
He could be disabled for life as scaling the mountain caused his brain to swell and damaging his eyesight - as he suffered from four different types of severe altitude sickness.
IMMEASURABLE LOSS': Katrina Jacks, 23, of Chepstow, who has died from altitude sickness in Peru PICTURE: Wales News Service
And their spirits were not lifted when a climber from another group was carried off the Tanzanian mountain with acute altitude sickness.
And as they keep getting higher up the 5,896-metre inactive volcano, the climbers will have to battle against altitude sickness.
Anthony took medication during the weeklong hike to combat the potentially fatal effects of altitude sickness.
He will brave acute altitude sickness and extreme temperatures during his nine-day venture up and down the 19,335 ft African peak.
In which case we'll let him off - altitude sickness can do strange things to the mind.
The scientists want to solve the problems of altitude sickness - and believe the well-known impotence drug may help.
For the unacclimated individual, there is an additional issue beyond simple performance deficits: acute altitude sickness (AMS).