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an instrument that measures the height above ground

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The GPS altimetry time series are relatively short so far, but the estimates of land movements are gradually improving as series get longer and the equipment is being further developed.
includes magnetics, electromagnetics, radiometrics and laser altimetry.
These disciplines are underpinned by our precise time (precision atomic clocks), astrometry (celestial reference frame mapping), and earth orientation (the time-varying alignment of the Earth's terrestrial reference frame with respect to the celestial reference frame) missions that enable our geospatial reference framework and support our national and Department of Defense space-based environmental collection capability (electro-optical and infrared weather satellites, altimetry, sea surface temperature, radar imagery for sea ice).
I am confident that the SARAL spacecraft launched today would function as planned and perform as designed and serve the intended applications in Ocean Topography, Coastal Altimetry, Ocean currents monitoring and Animal migration studies worldwide," said the President while addressing the scientists and engineers.
Sea level is measured by both tide gauges and, since 1992, satellite altimetry.
Inter-annual water storage changes in the Aral Sea from multi-mission satellite altimetry, optical remote sensing, and GRACE satellite gravimetry.
Topographic mapping, using satellite-based altimetry, and augmented with coring and stratigraphic observations, indicates Sanyangzhuang is near the centre of a complex alluvial fan that was initiated as an avulsion from a now relict Yellow River channel north-east of the city of Hebi (Figure 11).
Besides 'side-to-side' currents, with altimetry, I want currents that are moving from deep to shallow, bringing nutrients to the surface.
The website is a one-stop location for finding, retrieving, and analyzing information about the moon, including the most recent lunar surface imagery, altimetry, temperature, and lighting--as provided by the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter and its seven onboard instruments.
In these cases, airborne laser altimetry can be an accurate and cost-effective alternative.
The Airborne Imaging Multispectral Sensor (AIMS) was developed to provide a flexible technology to integrate a broad spectrum of multispectral imaging and associated GPS, LIDAR altimetry, and avionics instruments for deployment on light aircraft (Millette and Hayward 2005).
Sea surface height (cm) for each station was determined from archived satellite altimetry data provided by the Colorado Center for Astrodynamics Research (CCAR) Real-Time Altimetry Project (argo.
Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA), in partnership with the City of Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs, announced yesterday its Altimetry art exhibit.
Geoscience laser altimetry system (GLAS) on-orbit flight report on the propylene loop heat pipes (LHPs).
Ocean cooling: Constraints from changes in Earth's dynamic oblateness (J 2) and altimetry.