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an instrument that measures the height above ground

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The 2005 laser altimetry surveys included the acquisition of additional elevation data along the centerlines of seven major outlet glaciers that drain the main portion of the ice cap (W.
Global seafloor topography from satellite altimetry and ship depth soundings.
Combination of ERS-l and TOPEX altimetry for precise geoid and gravity recovery in the Mediterranean Sea.
It integrates 3D seismic data, ship borne gravimetry and, in the case of Venezuela for the first time, satellite altimetry technique, for hydrocarbon prospecting purposes.
Satellite altimetry is low resolution and can't be used to develop fine-scale navigational charts, because it only picks up features of ten kilometres width or more.
The most decisive measurements are likely to come from the altimetry and gravity measurements.
This is only one example of reinterpretations resulting from later technological developments of a more sophisticated nature, including satellite mapping of large-scale crustal features through high-resolution Geosat altimetry, ERS-1, and others.
Currently the Senior Scientist for NOAA's Satellite & Information Service, he is helping transition Jason satellite altimetry from research into a capability to be sustained by the operational agencies NOAA and EUMETSAT.
Precision glidepaths on ILS and LPV procedures are unaffected by temperature variations since they are not determined by pressure altimetry.
One can find numerous research papers published in recent years on the topic of forecasting floods using satellite precipitation data, visible/microwave imagery of flood inundation data, radar altimetry data of river levels, and the proposed missions of Global Precipitation Measurement (precipitation) and Surface Water Ocean Topography (surface water).
ICESat, which ceased operations in 2009, measured glacier changes using laser altimetry, which bounces laser pulses off the ice surface to determine changes in the height of ice cover.
This time, the globe is based on LRO altimetry data rather than camera images.
This study demonstrates the power of space-based, laser altimetry for understanding Earth processes," said Tom Wagner, cryosphere program scientist at NASA Headquarters in Washington.