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an instrument that measures the height above ground

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Figure 4 shows the planimetric and altimetric precision by session at the test points.
k] are the following eleven variables: per capita current expenditure, population density, per capita grants, entrepreneurial intensity, per capita PIT tax base, tourism intensity, average household size, incidence of foreigners, altimetric zone, net migration rate, birth rate.
A database was established using this system to incorporate the geospatialized information that was obtained from planimetric and altimetric charts and data that was collected in the field using GPS receivers and orbital images.
All available observations of temperature, salinity and altimetric sea level anomalies are used in this re-analysis.
An assessment of the altimetric information derived from spacebourne SAR (RADARSAT-1, SRTM3) and optical (ASTER) data for cartographic application in the Amazon region.
In order to obtain certain results with a superior altimetric precision, a digital elevation model will be also generated on the basis of the topographical map at the scale of 1:5.
The filling in of a vertical aven approximately 10 m high inside the cave is therefore more recent than the marine episode which, using altimetric criteria, correlates with the last interglacial period (Breuil & Zbyszewski, 1942).
The altimetric data were processed for the realization of the DEM, fundamental step for the numeric calculation of information and the obtaining of derived models.
In the CW mode, when the altimetric beat frequency becomes equal or greater than its maximum corresponding to the critical altitude [H.
The French company GTM Construction is developing a complete guidance and control system for construction equipment such as graders and bulldozers by using satellites that can guarantee sub-centimeter altimetric accuracy.
Guidance IIR, GPS, laser gyro Other guidance Altimetric correlation Length no booster [m] 5.
Over the past few years Alvin's imaging equipment has been upgraded significantly to include a high-resolution, color video camera; scaling lasers for quantitative measurement of objects in still and video images; metal-halide, deep-sea lighting for wider-area observation and improved video imaging; and a 675-kilohertz scanning altimetric sonar for seafloor mapping with a vertical resolution of about 10 centimeters.
The Company will supply IGN with digital terrain models (DTMs), generated as part of its completed NEXTMap Europe countrywide mapping program, for portions of southeastern France and the entire island of Corsica (approximately 30,000 km2 total) to improve its altimetric database in these regions.