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an instrument that measures the height above ground

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Manual dismantling historic landscape on the investigated area, with continuous picking up movable finds, planimetric and altimetric focus of excavation pits / archaeological probes and demarcation points for follow-up surveying,
The benefits for this market consist of: * Deconstruction of some buildings, perimeter walls and the access ramp to the site * Excavation of all embankments located on slabs; * Deconstruction and dismantling of slabs and underground structures within the embankment (geotechnical and environmental security) * Excavation and treatment (to treatment centers or licensed disposal) of point pollution spots present in embankments located under the tiles and partially in the natural terrain; * Filling of excavation, site grading and reshaping using materials from geotechnical and environmental security infill meets the criteria taken into 2 separate areas in Figure 2 below (1 distinct habitats with different levels of elevation plateaus and 1 economic single altimetric level in red).
In this paper, we shall discuss in the context of airborne altimetric LiDAR.
A database was established using this system to incorporate the geospatialized information that was obtained from planimetric and altimetric charts and data that was collected in the field using GPS receivers and orbital images.