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an instrument that measures the height above ground

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The AAU/32A encoding altimeter provides indication of aircraft altitude to the cockpit as well as the aircraft transponder for tower and ground altitude reporting.
When I turn the altimeter setting down (decreasing numbers in the Kollsman window) altitude decreases on the altimeter.
Guarantee for participation in the restricted procedure for the award of public procurement Delivery of spare parts for radars (radar) and mobile radio altimeters (FTE) 1RL130 / 1RL130E, 1RL131RM / E 5N84E, 5N84A?
This card shows the amount of correction needed at different altitudes and is proof that some altimeters are healthier than others.
Let's start by pointing out that altimeters don't actually measure altitude.
With this latest success, Thales Alenia Space further expands its family of Poseidon space-based altimeters.
The heavy usage of Black Hawk and Kiowa Helicopters continues to create a steady demand for the supply and support of these altimeters," stated Mark Perkins, Executive Vice President.
Leaving no stone unturned, altimeters even get a page and a half of attention in Sections 2-7-1 and 2-7-2.
Prior Information Notice: Supply and support of parachutists altimeters.
The second research team studied Greenland's ice between 1993 and 1999, using airplane-mounted laser altimeters to calculate its thickness.
Fugro's modern geophysical survey equipment is mounted on an A-star AS350 helicopter equipped with a specialized GPS system to provide in-flight navigation control and specialized radio altimeters to record ground clearance to an accuracy of about 1 meter.
and French satellite called TOPEX/Poseidon tracks the height of the seas with altimeters that emit radar pulses which bounce off the ocean surface and return to the satellite.
Insights into which companies are producing high-end sports watches with USB flash drives, pulsemeters, altimeters and 20ATM water-resistance functions
As it turns out, some ot the earliest aviators who couldn't range far from the airport (OK, the "field") anyway, really only needed to know their height referenced to the airport, so QFE was a common way of setting altimeters in the early days of aviation.
From its orbit 1,336 kilometers above Earth, TOPEX/Poseidon measures the ocean surface with two radar altimeters that bounce beams off the water and time the signals' return to the satellite.