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an instrument that measures the height above ground

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Guarantee for participation in the restricted procedure for the award of public procurement Delivery of spare parts for radars (radar) and mobile radio altimeters (FTE) 1RL130 / 1RL130E, 1RL131RM / E 5N84E, 5N84A?
Honeywell has delivered more than 150,000 radar altimeters to defense and commercial customers around the world," said Carey Smith, president, Defense and Space, Honeywell Aerospace.
com/prnh/20130307/600769 This report includes the market for altimeter systems, pitot tubes, and other sensors market for the aerospace and defense industry.
The altimeters will help tell the distance left before touching the ground.
According to FreeFlight Systems the RAD-40, combined with the RA-4000 or RA-4500 Radar Altimeters, provides operators with a fully certified Radar Altimeter system at approximately half the cost of competing systems.
1]s altimeters, a device that measures altitude, had registered that the plane was flying below sea level and caused the autopilot to rapidly reduce power before the crash, officials said.
Mr Walker suggested trainee parachutists should be supplied with altimeters which warn whether to release the reserve chute when necessary.
The error is believed to have been caused by multiple factors including a malfunctioning altimeter showing different data for the pilot and the copilot, an erroneous assumption by the pilot and the failure of maintenance staff to give the pilot proper guidance.
Mission Analysis: The Cobra passenger in the main-cabin center scat watched the entire scenario, including the radar altimeters winding down.
The easyJet flight from Belfast to Liverpool reported a malfunction on its altimeters just after 7am.
8 inches) thanks to satellites carrying radar altimeters.
The new approach uses the data stream from the TOPEX/Poseidon satellite altimeters, which illuminate a 10-kilometer-wide swath of the earth's surface along the flight path with pulsed microwave radar at a frequency of 13.
A full-function test set, the E-6061 is used throughout the development and fielding of radar altimeters.
Thales Alenia Space's Poseidon family of altimeters are dual-frequency radars operating at 13.
The altimeter market consists of radio, laser, pressure, and GPS altimeters while, pitot tube can be classified into L-Shaped, S-Shaped, and Straight type, based on shapes.