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an instrument that measures the height above ground

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Another gotcha could be hiding inside the case of an encoding altimeter. These are altimeters that also house a Mode C altitude reporter.
But, they don't have magic sources; if you can't get the altimeter setting, ATC can't get it either.
With the help of measurement from onboard optical cameras and altimeters, orbits of individual LEO satellites can be autonomously determined.
Many common altimeters can't be set to a pressure higher than 31.00 inches Hg, for example, or below 28.00 inches.
The altimeters will help tell the distance left before touching the ground.
According to FreeFlight Systems the RAD-40, combined with the RA-4000 or RA-4500 Radar Altimeters, provides operators with a fully certified Radar Altimeter system at approximately half the cost of competing systems.
Mr Walker suggested trainee parachutists should be supplied with altimeters which warn whether to release the reserve chute when necessary.
The airline has revised its regulations to require that a plane make an emergency landing at a nearby airport when the altimeters show different figures and the captain cannot confirm the right altitude by alternatives.
The Commission's market investigation however showed that the combination of the merging parties' activities would result in a nearly uncontested market position for Telemetry Tracking & Control (TTCs) and radar altimeters, which are essential parts used on satellites.
Mission Analysis: The Cobra passenger in the main-cabin center scat watched the entire scenario, including the radar altimeters winding down.
Two-antenna, FM-CW radio altimeters have several disadvantages.
The easyJet flight from Belfast to Liverpool reported a malfunction on its altimeters just after 7am.
Scientists can determine the actual elevation within 4.5 centimeters (1.8 inches) thanks to satellites carrying radar altimeters. An altimeter works by bouncing microwave (invisible light) beams off the ocean surface and receiving them back at the spacecraft.