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an instrument that measures the height above ground

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This works well in the specific situation of over-ocean flight, but pilots must keep in mind that doing so changes the altimeter setting of their BARALT in order to match the RADALT.
If some combination of admittedly rare atmospherics place the current altimeter setting outside of those extremes, compensation is in order.
The Altimeter team, which will continue to be led by Li, is based in San Francisco, and will join Prophet at its company headquarters in the city.
if you have an encoding altimeter (this is an altimeter that also has an altitude encoder built in), you might consider installing a separate altitude encoder and a standard altimeter.
Rounding out the top five risk categories in the Altimeter report, "Guarding the Social Gates: The Imperative for Social Media Risk Management," is the release of confidential information/personal data; loss of intellectual property; legal, regulatory or compliance issues; and identity theft/hijacking.
Altimeter published a study that surveyed companies on how they see social media.
It is precisely this lack of snow and unusual icy surface that makes the region very useful for determining the accuracy of CryoSat's radar altimeter.
com)-- Leading online electronic store Conrad Electronic UK has announced a sale on the latest models of HR- Auto Comfort car compass and Car Altimeter on its website www.
UK-based airline Virgin Atlantic has selected Rockwell Collins to provide avionics equipment including a new released digital radio altimeter for the airline's fleet of 10 A330-300 aircraft.
Releasing a statement, THY said the report indicated that the aircraft's left radio altimeter system had passed on an erroneous altitude reading, while the right radio altimeter worked properly as the plane approached the runway.
For the Kiowa Warrior, the standby altimeter button is not a button to play with.
The rocket will also have an electronics payload bay with an altimeter on board and will have its own mini-launch tower.
The engines then cut out because a faulty altimeter prompted the plane to cut power to its engines, causing it to crash into farmland just short of Amsterdam AMS, killing nine people, including the three pilots, and injuring a further 50.
A faulty altimeter, a device that measures altitude, was largely behind a Turkish Airlines crash that killed nine people and injured 86 others in the Netherlands, investigators have said.
When you look at your altimeter and see 10,000 feet MSL, what exactly does that mean?