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an instrument that measures the height above ground

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Mitchum, 2010: Estimating mean sea level change from the TOPEX and Jason altimeter missions.
The orbit accuracy and ranging accuracy are the two most important factors to affect the application of altimeter data in the lunar topography.
The laser altimeter measurement belongs to the twoway range measurement.
In the first instance, an altimeter setting above 31.00 inches, the Aeronautical Information Manual (AIM) tells us ATC will issue the actual value and advise pilots to set 31.00 inches until reaching the final approach segment, if any, when arriving.
This works well in the specific situation of over-ocean flight, but pilots must keep in mind that doing so changes the altimeter setting of their BARALT in order to match the RADALT.
In addition, Altimeter's analysts will work closely with Prophet's clients and internal strategists to provide insights on emerging business challenges and burgeoning technology trends.
These newly-mapped areas contribute additional losses that bring altimeter observations closer to estimates based on other approaches.
Launching in May, this stunning chronograph, which encapsulates both altimeter and compass features, was heralded at Baselworld this year.
Entitled "Delivering on the Promise of Social Business," the Altimeter Group-authored report presents six steps toward becoming a social business.
aviation regulators proposed a fix for some Boeing 737 planes to ensure that a faulty altimeter does not cause the automatic throttle system to unexpectedly cut engine speed.
MARYLAND (CyHAN)- MESSENGER's Mercury Laser Altimeter sends out laser pulses that hit the ground and return to the instrument.
Rounding out the top five risk categories in the Altimeter report, "Guarding the Social Gates: The Imperative for Social Media Risk Management," is the release of confidential information/personal data; loss of intellectual property; legal, regulatory or compliance issues; and identity theft/hijacking.
Altimeter published a study that surveyed companies on how they see social media.
It is precisely this lack of snow and unusual icy surface that makes the region very useful for determining the accuracy of CryoSat's radar altimeter.
The Fitbit Ultra tracks steps, distance, sleep patterns and stairs climbed via a state-of-the-art altimeter, and includes an on-device display for real-time feedback.