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any of various plants of the genus Althaea

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This 57,000 square foot facility will enable Althea to offer clients a simplified manufacturing supply chain service from a single United States based location.
Althea is a fully integrated, contract development and manufacturing organization located in San Diego, CA providing clinical and commercial product development services.
It might be the first time Althea has hit the heady heights of a flight but she has already graced radio airwaves following her eyecatching performance on the X Factor in 2005.
Althea expresses the Swinburnian conviction that nothing is certain but change, and with unconscious irony she refers to the primary metaphor of the play, the burning brand, to remind us how little even the maternal bond can be counted upon.
In September 1896 James and Althea had been visiting his relatives in Jarrow but missed the last ferry back.
His Althea teammate Davide Giugliano took third in race one, but also failed to finish race two.
A friendship developed and Althea's dad set up that one day Robert would walk Althea home.
Roedd Althea Cook a Ted Huws ymhlith 22 o ffyddloniaid yr Ysgol Sul o bob enwad ar draws Gogledd Cymru yn cael eu hanrhydeddi mewn gwasanaeth arbennig yng Nghapel Trefnant ger Dinbych yn ddiweddar.
Althea is a city girl who dreams of making a journey to a wilderness she has read about in books.
The Republic of Macedonia then expanded its contribution by participating in the mission Iraqi Freedom (from June 2003 to December 2008), the military operation of the European Union in Bosnia and Herzegovina Althea (since July 2006) and the mission of the United Nations UNIFIL in Lebanon (since May 2007).
In world (b)--Michael, that is, Michael Redhill, the playwright, writes about his meeting with Althea.
Black which follows one Althea Brecht as she is betrayed by her longtime boyfriend.
Robinn Althea and Peter Munro have started A&M Properties, a property management company designed to assist both residential and commercial property owners with there management needs.