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any of various plants of the genus Althaea

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183), and Althaea names it finally: "Love, a thwart sea-wind full of rain and foam" (l.
Althaea expounds on the transformative capacities of love and the faulty perception of the lover.
Althaea attributes the ultimate joylessness and grief to love; however, I believe Swinburne is speaking still of love's transience.
This is reinforced in the next lines when Althaea conjures images of flower and plant cycles: "fresh tears" spring up "fruit-wise .
Most tellingly, Althaea asserts that from love will come "much regrafted pain" (my emphasis).
By envisioning the brand bursting into flame "As a branch bursts in flower," Althaea links her son's brand, which is emblematic of his fate, to her previous description of pain as something flowering upon itself.
Althaea, having already prophesized Meleager's death, then takes vengeance on her son for killing her brothers.
To Althaea and Oeneus, the virginal Atalanta is "unwomanlike" (l.
In Atalanta, it is the maternal figure of Althaea who cautions her son about his responsibilities to the polis: "Child, if a man serve law through all his life / And with his whole heart worship, him all gods / Praise" (ll.
For the matriarchal Althaea, the security and authority of the nuclear family unit is paramount; the family is the glue which holds society, as she sees it, together.
The (generational) conflict between Atalanta and Althaea may also represent a wider social struggle.
Althaea, consumed by incestuous desire, jealousy, and duty, finally devours her son.