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an old term for an electric generator that produces alternating current (especially in automobiles)

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As for alternators, we'll take a closer look at replacement options, while comparing overhauling versus repairing, in an upcoming issue of Aviation Consumer.
a) The purpose and intent of this request for quotes is to secure firm prices to provide new alternators for school buses as specified herein.
USPRwire, Sun Sep 13 2015] Alternator Market by Product (Starter Motor & Alternator), Technology (BAS, Enhanced Starter, Direct Start, ISG), Power Output (1.
Upon investigation, the alternator field brush had departed its holder, sending positive voltage out the ground wire, breaking it free of its connector and shorting on the firewall-mounted noise filter.
This is the latest move in an ongoing expansion of MEAA's North American market, the company said and added that MEAA began producing these alternators at its plant in Mason, Ohio, in 2014 and the new additions will increase the production capacity for core parts used in these alternators.
Using our alternator example, If Industry developed new, low-friction bearings for the alternator (thereby reducing fuel consumption), how would the PM desire to take advantage of this new technology* The choice--buy new alternators or buy new bearings and rebuild the existing alternators with government assets--will determine what technical data are required to be delivered to enable the desired upgrade approach.
It's the original alternator that came with the H100C and has a long case.
The primary raw materials used in LT AC brushless alternators are copper and steel.
As the Mini Hybrid system electrifies a number of components more commonly mechanically driven--compressors, pumps and as many as 10 radiator fans--it required greater capability than most conventional alternators could provide.
The Peugeot-Citroen group has said it will adopt the second generation alternators in a million cars from 2010.
According to Mike Dowsett, Visteon's manager of Advanced Powertrain Systems, "The system can be implemented on an existing powertrain very, very easily, and eliminates the need for the starter motor, ring gear, and alternator.
ONE of the world's most advanced vehicle alternators will be made in Wales.
Nearly 130,000 heavy-duty truck alternators ship every year from the Arcade, N.
Reason: On some alternators, if you cross wires it will blow out the voltage regulator and/or diode.
com/research/7zs9z7/strategic) has announced the addition of Frost & Sullivan's new report "Strategic Analysis of the North American Class 1 to 8 Starters and Alternators Aftermarket" to their offering.