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Synonyms for alternatively



Synonyms for alternatively

in place of, or as an alternative to

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Alternatively, a replay can be accessed through the Investor Relations link on the company's Web site at www.
Alternatively, financial institutions have the ability to print substitute checks if an endpoint cannot receive electronic cash letters.
Alternatively, perhaps each office of a major company needs to have nightly updates of its "pricing" files from corporate headquarters.
Alternatively, visitors may print enrollment forms from the site and mall them with a check, money order or credit-card number.
Alternatively, energetic magnetic fields within the star may have generated the heat that produced the spot.
Alternatively, Kenneth Scoles, assistant director of curriculum at the AICPCU, said the associate-in-risk-management program--while primarily geared to commercial exposures--"discusses principles that apply to personal risk analysis and financial planning.
Alternatively, if the adjusted tax basis of the property exceeded the mortgage, a loss would result.
Alternatively, it indicated that the transaction could be recast as a disguised sale of W's and V's interests in PRS to X.
Alternatively, the Canadian purchaser may be able to persuade the non-resident to file an application for a waiver under Regulation 105 and also file a Canadian income tax return to claim a refund of excess tax withholding.
Alternatively, the clouds may consist of pristine material, forged a few minutes after the birth of the universe, that never formed stars or coalesced into galaxies.
Generally, an employer with a number of part-time employees working less than 18 hours per week will apply a 1,000-hours-of-service standard to keep part-time employees from becoming eligible for the plan, thus cutting down on the cost of the plan (or, alternatively, allowing full-time employees to receive a higher benefit for the same cost to the employer).
Alternatively, the call will also be available for replay by dialing 1-877-660-6853, and providing the account number of 286 and the conference ID of 221630.
Perhaps, as the festive season approaches, you've got an outside light display to die for, or alternatively, you've got a garden that looks great the whole year round ( even if it's buried under six foot of snow.
Alternatively, a taxable termination may occur on the death of a father that leaves the grandchild as the sole beneficiary of a trust established by the grandfather.
Such cases involved the creation of a "wholly new tax" or, alternatively, unduly lengthy periods of retroactivity.
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