alternative energy

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energy derived from sources that do not use up natural resources or harm the environment

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He lauded active and very positive role of private sector in promotion of alternative energy in the country and said that there are abundant unlimited and non-conventional resources of energy in Pakistan which could be utilized to meet domestic and commercial energy demands.
Green Section's financial model will enable local authorities to exchange non-LED lights for more efficient LED lights without having to find the capital cost of the replacement lights," added by Alternative Energy.
13, 2014 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- China's demand for energy and alternative energy has grown at a fast pace in the past decade.
The current study drills down to these key characteristics, providing insight into Rural Lifestyler reaction to alternative energy resource development.
Find out about the potential savings on your power bill or the money you can make with an alternative energy system.
Alternative Energy stocks, as a group, have performed poorly this year, both before and after the April 20 explosion at the Deepwater Horizon.
He was of the view that alternative energy is having unfair treatment in the country and it is not getting the due priority it needs.
Sunarias(TM) CEO Gary Reed said, "AEGY will be a wonderful home for Sunarias and we look forward to being part of AEGY's mission to bring the most innovative alternative energy options directly to consumers.
has launched a new initiative aimed at helping minority business owners launch alternative energy projects in the wind and fuel cell industries.
Driven by rising energy costs and regulatory mandates in many countries, it is rapidly gaining share in the global energy supply," said Miroslav Durana, head alternative energy research for Credit Suisse.
Further driving innovation in this area, the bank established the Credit Suisse Global Alternative Energy Index in 2007, which closely monitors developments in the alternative energy universe.
Abu Dhabi: Global energy major, BP is allocating around 10 per cent of its capital investments in alternative fuel technologies and developing renewable energy sources, the chief executive of BP's Alternative Energy said yesterday.
FOR ALL OF THE HUMAN suffering and economic pain inflicted by the Middle East wars and the skyrocketing petroleum costs around the world, there is a glimmer of hope on America's energy horizon--that is, America's colleges and universities are increasingly joining the race to explore renewable and alternative energy sources.
Energy prices that have been rising appreciably have helped churn a great deal of money into both traditional and alternative energy exploration.
Alternative Energy said it has taken an option on 100 acres at a business park in Greenville, Ill.
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