alternative birthing

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a method of childbirth that avoids intrusive high-tech medicine in favor of more natural and homely settings

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A friend of mine who recently delivered a baby did not choose any of these alternative birthing practices, but she told me that she understood why some women might.
With the help of various ' alternative birthing methods' expectant mums can realise their level of power and uncover their potential to deal with labour," declares Puri.
The closure is with immediate effect and the two expectant mothers who were due to have their baby at Berwick Infirmary are being supported in making an alternative birthing plan.
"They will receive support in choosing to have their babies at an alternative birthing centre of their choice."
After reviewing nine studies of more than 10,000 women, researchers found that alternative birthing rooms reduced use of epidural and other anesthesia by 18% and the need for oxytocin by 22%.
Despite these problems, the Croatian midwives held a symposium in April and have plans for the future: an event called 'Your midwife is remembered all your life' will be organised in co-operation with the Association of Parents to inform the public and media about the importance of midwifery; and in October, during the Croatian Perinatal Days, there will be a workshop about alternative birthing methods.
Speier's chapter dealing with different alternative birthing practices, the author constantly refers to the "choices" that women can make in terms of birthing options.
An Alternative Birthing Center would be another choice all women would have.
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