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a method of childbirth that avoids intrusive high-tech medicine in favor of more natural and homely settings

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ABC, alternative birth certificate measure; AS, alternative survey measure; PPV, positive predictive value.
laws restricting midwifery and freestanding alternative birth centers.
a mother's right to make alternative birth choices, like home birth
The trend is part of an international drift and its momentum into the 21st Century was to some extent propelled with predictions in the popular press, by one British obstetrician, Nicholas Fisk, that by the year 2010 over half of all women would choose a caesarean as an alternative birth mode (Johnston, 2001; Coney, 2001; Parsons, 2002).
Yet, in parts of Europe, midwifery did not experience the same radical decline as it did in North America, particularly the United States; thus, the need for a twentieth-century alternative birth movement was perhaps less fe lt by at least some European women.
The latest convert is film star Kate Winslet's sister Beth, who was so impressed at the effects on her son Rhys that she began working as a baby massage instructor at an alternative birth centre in London.
I am a co-host/guest speaker on the MSN Parenting Community's monthly Alternative Birth on-line chat, and as such, it has been offered to ALACE Labor Assistants and Childbirth Educators to post to our Alternative Birth Newsgroup.
Last night mum-of-two Sally said she could not believe how calm she was about her alternative birth.
Director of Nursing Laura Robson said: "The trust is contacting the women who are booked to have their babies in the midwife-led unit to discuss alternative birth plans, including midwife-led delivery in Durham or Darlington.
The latest recruit to these activities is film star Kate Winslet's sister Beth, who was so impressed at the beneficial effects of massage on her son Rhys that she recently began work as a baby massage instructor at an alternative birth centre based in London.
We also can give callers the names of state midwifery organizations and have other directories such as the NAPSAC Directory of Alternative Birth Services and Consumer Guide which have helpful leads.
The certified midwives of the panel include: Susan Bartlett of The Concord Midwifery Service, Valerie Jacques of Alternative Birth Association, Chris Kuhlman of OB-Gyn Unlimited Professional Association, and Linda Limburg and Carol Kozikowski of Women's Health Care Association.
Author of Goldsmith, a longtime scholar of anthropology and the alternative birth movement, discusses such topics as diet and prenatal care, midwifery, massage during delivery, birthing position, breastfeeding, herbal medicines, and sex during pregnancy.
While she believes that alternative births empower women, her clients' male partners often dominate the financial arrangements.
Traditional, cesarean, and alternative births are followed and filmed.
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