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Synonyms for alternation

Synonyms for alternation

occurrence in successive turns

Words related to alternation

successive change from one thing or state to another and back again

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They pant for an opportunity of revenging that humiliation; and if a contest, ending in a victory on their part, should ensue, elating them in their turn, and leaving its cursed legacy of hatred and rage behind to us, there is no end to the so-called glory and shame, and to the alternations of successful and unsuccessful murder, in which two high-spirited nations might engage.
In the rapid alternations of her temper, her anger was beginning to rise again.
I wound my way down slowly over the heath, enjoying the divine stillness of the scene, and admiring the soft alternations of light and shade as they followed each other over the broken ground on every side of me.
Contract notice: Dr80 2015-2 accompanying benefits to the alternation of persons with disabilities (3 aph).
YESTERDAY'S SOLUTIONS WEE THINKER ACROSS: 7 Toccata 9 Inept 10 Lunch 11 Titanic 12 Tor 13 Marinade 16 Fountain 17 SOS 19 Bacardi 21 Pasta 22 Syria 23 Nowhere DOWN: 1 Athlete 2 Scenario 3 Mash 4 Listen in 5 Mean 6 Stick 8 Alternation 13 Montreal 14 Disaster 15 Estates 18 Abase 20 Carp 21 Pawn QUICKIE ACROSS: 1 Persecution 8 Sum 9 Air 11 Imitate 12 Pitch 13 Tat 14 Sky 15 Fine art 17 Pal 19 Able 21 Adam 23 Menu 25 Ludo 27 Gas 29 Cruised 31 Cab 34 Who 36 Aloud 37 Conceit 38 Let 39 Any 40 Cheese plant DOWN: 1 Puma 2 Emit 3 Stamina 4 Clever 5 Taper 6 Oats 7 Nick 8 Sit-up 10 Rhyme 16 Tan 18 Lad 20 Bug 22 Doc 24 Eternal 25 Local 26 Circle 28 Sooty 30 Ridge 32 Alec 33 Both 34 Wean 35 Hint
In the cable, Alba Trade Union lauded the Premier for his unflinching support to the Bahraini workforce and keenness on catering for their demands by issuing directives to adopt the principle of alternation in representing Bahrain's workers.
In Ingrian, consonant alternation is not restricted to inflection of words within the paradigm solely by gradation of single and double stops at the boundary of the syllable with the primary stress.
com)-- David Giuntoli, Reggie Lee, and Bitsie Tulloch will appear as guests at Alternation Convention.
To close this discussion, it is necessary to determine whether these instances of alternation and allomorphic variation are still within the bounds of morphology or they belong exclusively in the lexicon.
The differential equations of motion of the mass particles are requested for each interval of motion from impact to impact, from collision to collision, and the interval of motion when the friction force direction alternation appears associated with the direction alternation of angular velocity of motion of a mass particle, and also velocity alternation as a consequence of the mass particle impact into the angular elongation limiter and mutual impact of the mass particles.
This project, he said, which is a continuation of the reform process in Tunisia, is part of a design politically opposed to the government, and it aims to establish the principle of alternation to the power.
They blame it most prominently, in addition to adopting the State of Emergency, for repressing freedoms, for exploitation and for working towards the inheritance of power, preventing its alternation and rigging elections.
cultural alternation and a leading intellectual revival.
The Model Inn, Quay Street, could have external alternation works and a refurbished front elevation.
Edge detection process extracts the points of alternation between bars and spaces.
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