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Synonyms for alternation

Synonyms for alternation

occurrence in successive turns

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successive change from one thing or state to another and back again

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I wound my way down slowly over the heath, enjoying the divine stillness of the scene, and admiring the soft alternations of light and shade as they followed each other over the broken ground on every side of me.
When Laurie first went to college, he fell in love about once a month, but these small flames were as brief as ardent, did no damage, and much amused Jo, who took great interest in the alternations of hop, despair, and resignation, which were confided to her in their weekly conferences.
The change of movement and position, the sight of the lamps twinkling to the rear, and the smell of damp and mould and rotten straw which clung about the vehicle, wrought in him strange alternations of lucidity and mortal giddiness.
No more of the girlish alternations of timidity and petulance, the adorable naivete, the reveries, the tears, the playfulness.
As usual, when she found herself in talk with Katharine, she began to feel rapid alternations of opinion about her, arrows of sensation striking strangely through the envelope of personality, which shelters us so conveniently from our fellows.
She had no intention of dying till Tom's visit was over, however, and as the time drew near, she went through such alternations of hope and fear, and lived in such a state of feverish excitement, that spirits and color came back, and she saw that the interesting pallor she had counted on would be an entire failure.
Undergoing these alternations of hope and misgiving, which no one, placed in a situation of ordinary trial, can fail to have experienced, Nicholas at length reached his poor room, where, no longer borne up by the excitement which had hitherto sustained him, but depressed by the revulsion of feeling it left behind, he threw himself on the bed, and turning his face to the wall, gave free vent to the emotions he had so long stifled.
Lyell in a striking passage has speculated, in language almost identical with mine, on the effects of great alternations of climate on geographical distribution.
Tenders are invited for Alternation of radiology (xray room) as per aerb guidelines and nabh report in new ggh vijayawada
The two countries are coordinating the possibility of finding alternation paths as the corridors are located inside Bahrain's airspace", GCAA director-general Saif Al-Suwaidi.
If asked to think about an example in which a location argument participates, it is very likely that the locative alternation would immediately be given as an answer.
Linguists explore the wide variation of the conjoint/disjoint alternation in the different Bantu languages.
On the 29th day of the experiment, animals in all groups were subjected to spontaneous alternation neurobehavioural test using the T-maze.
The first 2 minutes were for habituation, and the last 6 minutes for the alternation between arms.
The authors agree that alternation is no longer considered a credible randomisation procedure but as a basic approach in a naturalistic clinical setting its role cannot be dismissed.
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