alternating current

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an electric current that reverses direction sinusoidally

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Alternating current motors are often powered by frequency converters with DC intermediate circuit (in the Polish underground mines these include cables hundreds of metres long).
During sleep one of the nights, each person received tACS -- an alternating current of weak electricity synchronized with the brain's natural sleep spindles.
Where General Electric bid claimed to electrify the fair using Edison's direct current for $554000 but lost to George Westinghouse who said he could power the fair for only $399000 using Tesla's alternating current.
That energy is converted on site into alternating current and fed through underground cables into the existing electrical network, Mr.
"Alternating Current" is a thriller brimming with twists and turns.
Available from 7.5 hp to 1,000 hp at 208 to 575 Vac (volts alternating current), this product is suitable for mixers, conveyors, compressors, pumps and fans.
An electrified coil under the plane produces alternating current which produces a magnetic field that creates heat in the cooking vessel (an iron or stainless steal pot).
ABB will design, supply, install and commission one static var compensator (SVC) and two series compensators (SCs) from its family of flexible alternating current transmission systems (FACTS).
High-frequency, alternating current could replace painful defibrillator shocks.
The firm offers direct current (DC) fast-charging stations which lower charging times to 15 minutes compared with six to eight hours using standard alternating current (AC) charger outlets.Country: Netherlands, Sector: Machinery/EngineeringTarget: Epyon BVBuyer: ABB LtdType: Corporate acquisitionStatus: Agreed
After this dramatic accomplishment, the country and the world were electrified, using alternating current (AC).
Later, it began producing alternating current capacitors for household appliances such as pumps, washing machines and air conditioners.
The inspection relates to flexible alternating current transmission systems (FACTS), used to increase the power transfer capability of electricity transmission networks by stabilising voltage, among other things.
The converter station will convert electricity from direct currents to an alternating current, making it suitable for transmission by underground and undersea cables to power homes.
AdaptivEnergy designed the module to produce an industry-standard 3.6 volt direct current output by optimizing its frequency response for devices running on 50/60 and 100/120 hertz alternating current. It says it can optimize the Joule-Thief for custom frequencies, and it also sells a model designed to harvest energy from random vibrations.
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