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Synonyms for host

master of ceremonies







Synonyms for host

a very large number of things grouped together

Synonyms for host

a person who invites guests to a social event (such as a party in his or her own home) and who is responsible for them while they are there

Related Words

a vast multitude

an animal or plant that nourishes and supports a parasite

a person who acts as host at formal occasions (makes an introductory speech and introduces other speakers)

archaic terms for army

any organization that provides resources and facilities for a function or event

(medicine) recipient of transplanted tissue or organ from a donor

the owner or manager of an inn

a technical name for the bread used in the service of Mass or Holy Communion

(computer science) a computer that provides client stations with access to files and printers as shared resources to a computer network

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The results further showed that weeds played an important role as alternate host of whitefly in tomato crop.
In addition, weeds often serve as alternate hosts, providing sites for the overwintering of insects or pathogenic inoculum.
Instead, the issue is whether a specialized insect species encountering a novel host (as a result of geographic range expansion by either the insect or novel plant) encounters more suitable novel hosts if it expands into a hybrid zone or into the range of a (nonhybridizing) alternate host.
One individual included in this study (#A115, see Appendix 1) was recorded singing the song of an alternate host, L.
Configuration is performed from the front panel of the 5250 ALLY, or with commands in the data stream either from the twinax host or from an alternate host.
The requirements for sympatric speciation via host-race formation can be further relaxed if a herbivore is preadapted to use an alternate host.
She futher advised the farmers to plant Tuba-tuba (jatropha) in their fields as an alternate host to the pests and diseases attacking cassava plants
The UAE emerged as an alternate host, as Pakistan had subsequently played their one-day series against Australia and New Zealand in the UAE and switched their home Test series against New Zealand to New Zealand.
1982) could have been an artifact of environmental differences and/or differences in alternate host plant species used by H.
Alternate Host permits a file transfer to be automatically delivered to a designated secondary host if the primary host is unavailable.
Understudy consists of the "ClusterPulse(TM)" daemon, which is installed on each server in the cluster performing IP service monitoring, failure detection and failover to an alternate host.
In advance of any disruption, Back-up Frame Relay Serva back-up central processing computer establishes control when the alternate host is used, netud isolation.
Alternate host terminals may also be accessed by the user terminal, and updated alternate host module blocks of information may be downloaded to the user terminal.
If the primary host destination is not available, the FrameNode automatically switches the connections to a disaster recovery hot-site or alternate host site via an Alternate Virtual Route (aVR) PVC.
In addition to experiments to determine aphid biotype, the GRDC has been investing in research to confirm susceptibility of commercial wheat and barley cultivars to RWA; assessing potential sources of plant resistance; RWA biology, ecology and economic thresholds under Australian conditions; an investigation into alternate hosts for RWA; trials looking at insecticide efficacy; and development of practical resources for growers and advisers.
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