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the sterilization of an animal

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Book altering is simply the process of creating a new work of art out of an old book.
Brown and former nursing supervisor Joye Brewer, 53, of West Hempstead, N.Y., were accused of altering medical records in a separate April 1998 incident involving injuries sustained by an 86-year-old female patient.
For the record, while altering photos can be amusing, even artistic, it's a definite no-no in journalism.
In places we can see Ward making a correction from one source and then having second thoughts and deleting or altering his own note, perhaps because he had gained access to a more authoritative text.
Other military documents point out HAARP's potential for altering weather patterns for defensive tactical measures, exploring Earth-penetrating tomography (used to locate weapons facilities underground) and geophysical probing for natural resources like oil, mineral deposits and gas.
And just what qualifies as altering? Just about anything that goes beyond those traditional darkroom techniques.
In defiance of the title of the book, however, the remainder are primarily concerned with subtly altering definitions of English womanhood between the 1780s and the 1850s.
By chemically altering the melt with strontium, a fibrous structure is formed that breaks up sharp corners which are stress points.
For others, analyzing and altering processes of care are the central focus.
Two recent events signal the role NIEHS is undertaking to increase support of research to enhance understanding of how environmental perturbations occurring throughout the life span can affect phenotypes at different stages of life and/or transgenerationally by altering gene expression though modification of DNA methylation and chromatin structure.
Scientists are altering bacteria in a most fundamental way
They have all the energy of an obsessed fan pledging allegiance to his favorite stuff, then altering and subverting it for more personal ends.
Today, the biotech industry downplays the direct genetic altering of chimps, apes, or humans.