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the sterilization of an animal

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Book altering is simply the process of creating a new work of art out of an old book.
Caldwell believes altering cartoons is a simple way to protect children.
were accused of altering medical records in a separate April 1998 incident involving injuries sustained by an 86-year-old female patient.
Besides altering pictures, most programs also allow you to create virtual photo albums that can be stored on the computer or on a Web site accessible to friends and family members.
By altering the flow of the beer into the glass (tilting), Pischell said, you can reduce the foam, or turbulence.
The process, in its precision, is similar to altering a letter in a single word contained within a large book.
Scientists are altering bacteria in a most fundamental way
Today, the biotech industry downplays the direct genetic altering of chimps, apes, or humans.
Likewise, MEHP suppresses aromatase levels without altering levels of P450scc (Lovekamp and Davis 2001).
GLENDALE - A 22-year-old West Covina man was arrested Tuesday on suspicion of altering the party affiliations of voters at a registration booth at Glendale Community College.
In a method that may prove more acceptable to a reluctant public, investigators have now created herbicide-resistant corn by subtly altering one of the plant's own genes rather than by adding a new gene.
ESPRIT therapeutics enable the body to bypass defective genetic information at the RNA processing level, providing a new and very potent tool for altering many disease mechanisms.
Our major finding in this study was that exposure of the adult rat to fairly low concentrations of PCBs significantly altered dialysate (extraneuronal) DA concentrations increasing DA concentrations after 3 days and decreasing DA concentrations after longer periods of exposure--without altering tissue DA concentrations.
An attorney for the plaintiffs said his clients are not seeking a money award but a ``judicial determination'' to decide which method of altering movies for private viewing is permissible.
Prenatal exposures appear capable of altering brain development-with impacts on IQ and behavior that persist at least a decade, perhaps for life.