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The two chambermaids being again left alone, began a second bout at altercation, which soon produced a combat of a more active kind.
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The captain, however, became only so much the more crusty and dogged in his adherence to his orders, and touchy and harsh in his dealings with the passengers, and frequent altercations ensued.
The result was that Clayton himself had to get the tin, and then another angry altercation ensued when one of the sailors accused Clayton and Monsieur Thuran of conspiring to control the provisions so that they could have the lion's share.
And so the altercation in the night went on, over the irremediable.
But there was not time for altercation. Four of the crew waited at the door, and conducted us to that cell where we had passed our first night on board the Nautilus.
During this brief altercation Athos, with his hands on his heart, his head bent low, approached the queen and in a voice of deepest sorrow said:
As soon as I came to myself, I perceived the three islanders standing a little distance off, and apparently engaged in some violent altercation respecting me.
The deed thoroughly answered: a source of domestic altercation was entirely done away, and it was the means of opening Susan's heart to her, and giving her something more to love and be interested in.
'Do you think, sir,' said Mr Willet, looking hard at Solomon Daisy--for it was his custom in cases of personal altercation to fasten upon the smallest man in the party--'do you think, sir, that I'm a born fool?'
Dag Daughtry could not fail to overhear some of these conversations, which were altercations rather than councils.
This naturally led to racing, and shooting at a mark; one trial of speed and skill succeeded another, shouts and acclamations rose from the victorious parties, fierce altercations succeeded, and a general melee was about to take place, when suddenly the attention of the quarrellers was arrested by a strange kind of Indian chant or chorus, that seemed to operate upon them as a charm.
Four men were involved in a "physical altercation" inside The White Swan, in Stokesley, on Sunday.
Summary: New Delhi [India], Aug 29 (ANI): A 25-year-old businessman was allegedly shot dead in central Delhi's Karol Bagh after an altercation with another businessman on Tuesday night.
The chief of a small Vermont police department says he's changed the use-of-force reporting policies in the aftermath of an altercation in which a handcuffed woman was thrown against a wall and punched in the face by a sergeant who was later fired.