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tending to cure or restore to health

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All buses will call at alterative or temporary bus stops on Heworth Road, Blue House Lane, Victoria Road and Manor Road.
The political system of the Islamic Republic offers a serious alterative to the West's liberal democracy, according to Judiciary Chairman Sadeq Larijani.
The contributors debate the political control of the economy versus an unregulated market economy, presenting alterative perspectives on political economy and the appropriate economic role of the state.
The eagle-eye of television match official Derek Bevan had spotted it and Irish referee John Lacey was left with no alterative other than to send off Gareth Davies.
Could it be related to the realisation that he might not win the next election and perhaps they feel he needs alterative employment?
Anyway I can give some of you an alterative. I drive to Cleckheaton by either the M62 or the road through Brighouse and park my car in a big free car park near the town hall for up to four hours if I wish and I do my shopping there.
The incident led to rail services between Bootle New Strand and Southport on the Hunts Cross line being suspended yesterday afternoon, with Merseyrail advising passengers to find alterative forms of transport as it tried to arrange replacement buses.
"The Sent From Coventry album flew off shelves" Said Johnnie, "I think it sold 8,000 copies in a week and it went to No 8 in Alterative charts.
The only alterative to gas to provide these essential.s is electricity, the use of which as our gas runs out will have to increase exponentially; as wind will never provide more than a few per cent, our only option (until we master nuclear fusion, merging atoms) is to split atoms in more nuclear power stations.
During the construction period, commuters will be able to use the alterative road that connects Industrial Area Road to Wholesale Market Street as shown in the attached map.
The rest of the book presents four unit plans that pair traditional and alterative texts to explore issues of class, race, gender, and power.
The two currently licensed systems as well as alterative companies have been invited to bid for the license to use their technology at each of the tournaments, with a final decision set to be made in April.
The candidate said that he is the only one that offered an alterative model to the current order, and added that if he wins, he will
In Brazilian traditional medicine Arctium lappa has been reported to relieve gastrointestinal symptoms while in western herbal medicine it is usually considered more as an alterative and depurative than an anti-inflammatory.
According a report by the Sabah daily, the EuSYM is looking for alterative ways to prevent cheating on general exams.