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capable of being changed or altered in some characteristic

(of the punishment ordered by a court) capable of being changed to one less severe

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The policy purchase is not alterable even if estate tax law changes,
Regardless of the label, it speaks to the importance of approaching time critical projects with an attitude that 'building Rome in a day' is possible-at least figuratively- if circumstances are alterable.
The constitution is alterable, not by elected representatives, but by seven appointed judiciary.
Once they have been completed for a given accounting period, these documents must not be alterable.
The point to understand is that the future is neither absolutely pre-determined nor completely random and subjectively alterable.
Additionally, it was suggested that if RA is alterable, research could be conducted to explore and develop therapeutic interventions specifically fashioned for religious populations, which could improve the efficacy of its treatment with schizophrenic or schizotypal individuals.
In this sense, risk factors can be classified as: inherent (the result of genetic or physical conditions that cannot be modified through changes in lifestyle, age, family history or sex), psychosocial (anxiety, educational level and incomes), physiological and psychophysiological (hypertension, cholesterol level in blood, cardiovascular reactivity to perceived stress, elevated heart rate), and behavioral (these are alterable, so they are those that indicate the individual's lifestyle: smoking, diet, physical inactivity) (M.
In fact, the patient may have been providing a tumor-coddling milieu--one that is alterable.
Speaking of the differences, which she sees largely as a distinction between technique and ideology, Jestrovic writes as follows: "Verfremdung in theatre shows alienation (Entfremdung) as a matter of causality, as a historical and alterable situation, not as a human condition.
Otro diputado perredista al que tambien Lozano estaba provocando con su actitud, le palmeo con toda fuerza en el atril; ya que Lozano calma su alterable paciencia contestado mensajitos en su celular, situacion que saco de quicio al orador, perdon al insultador en turno.
In addition, all filter parameters and component values are user alterable.
But new research has found five alterable lifestyle factors that can significantly reduce that risk.
The digital images needed to be alterable so that missing information (such as signatures, dates, or notes) could be added to complete the record.
La tesis principal de Kepes, es que nuestra vision del mundo es alterable y que la mutabilidad de la vision permite revisar constantemente el mundo (6).