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the quality of being alterable

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By locating space as separable, yet, indissociable from time, Castoriadis opens the chora to the plurality and alterability of time.
It is characterized by her militant stance, her penetrating analysis of society, politics, and culture, and her fundamental belief in the alterability of prevailing power relationships.
Stoltzfus states that Gide is aware of alterability, difference, and marginality (7) (his Immoraliste fits into two Orientalist categories: the accumulation of knowledge about the region and sexual freedom, exploring the opposition between the values of Europe and the values of the Orient).
Thus, the crisis of the modern world is one that regards the construction of alterability and, starting from there, an identity crisis.
In Hertzka's work, empty space is described as a possibility for another order of meaning and with potential for cultural alterability.
This alterability factor is of particular relevance for the speech-language and behavior analysis practitioner whose goal is to establish, change, or correct language behavior.
What steps do you recommend to minimize the risks of alterability of records and to avoid potential legal challenges?