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an instrument that measures the altitude and azimuth of celestial bodies

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In the final instalment detailing the altazimuth mount and slow motions (see Figure 5, published on 1905 July 28) he makes the comment: Not having any workshop, I was unable to do the work myself, and had to rely on the ability and intelligence of the local blacksmith and carpenter.
Many of today's telescopes have motor-driven altazimuth mounts that keep them pointed at celestial objects as they move from east to west across the sky.
The Vixen package in this review consists of two components: the R130Sf 5-inch, f/5 optical tube assembly (OTA), and the Porta II altazimuth mount.
As mentioned before, computers make it possible for altazimuth mounts to track the sky automatically.
An altazimuth mount operates like a photo tripod's pan-and-tilt head, directing the scope to any desired position via a combination of up-down (altitude) and left-right (azimuth) movements.
The rover cameras are on simple altazimuth mounts atop masts; tracking the sky was never something that we planned for.
Altazimuth mounts are generally lighter than their equatorial counterparts, in part because they don't require counterweights to balance the telescope.
While equatorial mounts come in an amazing variety of sizes and price ranges, it's hard to overlook the fact that the same isn't true for their more basic brethren, altazimuth mounts.
Existing digital setting circles, GPS receivers, and electronic compasses can provide all the needed input for instruments that ride on electronically controlled altazimuth mounts.
I found the StarBlast vastly easier to move about the sky than the commonplace altazimuth mounts that regulate altitude with threaded metal rods and side-to-side motion with wobbly, undersize couplings.
Newer computer-controlled Go To telescopes on altazimuth mounts can automatically track objects, but to obtain long exposures without field rotation, you need to use an expensive accessory called a field derotator.
The equatorial's dominance further eroded in the 1990s with the introduction of computer-controlled telescopes that gave altazimuth mounts motorized tracking, once the exclusive domain of the equatorial mount.
5, 15 (each) Ritchey-Chretien Altazimuth Cerro Paranal, 24[degrees] 38' S 70[degrees] 2,635 m Chile 24' W The four telescopes of the European Southern Observatory's VLT have separate altazimuth mounts and domes.
For example, in their most basic configuration, the DS series altazimuth mounts merely have friction clutches on the altitude and azimuth axes.