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an instrument that measures the altitude and azimuth of celestial bodies

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Built to operate in either altazimuth or equatorial mode, PlaneWave's new L-500 Direct Drive Mount is rated for telescope loads up to 200 pounds.
An altazimuth mount moves up-down and left-right (in altitude and azimuth).
Bamberg Altazimuth Instrument: 2 5/8-inch Altazimuth instrument by Carl Bamberg (Berlin).
In the final instalment detailing the altazimuth mount and slow motions (see Figure 5, published on 1905 July 28) he makes the comment: Not having any workshop, I was unable to do the work myself, and had to rely on the ability and intelligence of the local blacksmith and carpenter.
But with the advent of the Dobsonian design and computer-controlled tracking, altazimuth mounts have gained greatly in popularity for strictly visual observing.
Then it mentions the relatively unsuccessful 6-metre reflector of the Russians at Zelenchukskaya, before going on to some modern designs such as the 3.5-4 metre telescopes of the 1970s and 1980s, and the ESO NTT (European Southern Observatory New Technology Telescope), the first major altazimuth design and the precursor of the present generation of large telescopes, which are covered in the chapter 'Technology to the Rescue'.
The latest entry in this field is the Z130 Portable Altazimuth Reflector from Zhumell.
Altazimuth mounts, which are aligned with the ground rather than Earth's rotational axis, introduce rotation in your movie clip, which may lead to problems when stacking the resulting video.
[The 3 1/2" Cooke on its altazimuth stand may well be the same instrument that still resides with Hay's descendants.
Most users will mount the fork assembly directly onto the tripod and use the scope in altazimuth fashion as I did.
Its single-arm altazimuth mount produces smooth motion in both axes, and, combined with the EZ-Finder II red-dot sight, makes aiming the scope quick and easy.
In 1968 a Unitron 60-mm altazimuth refractor could be had for $125--about $650 in today's inflation-adjusted dollars.
It would be easier to do this with the scope set up for altazimuth operation, but with the fork tilted for astrophotography on the wedge, it's an intimidating operation for one person.
Simple, inexpensive altazimuth mounts that move up and down in altitude and side to side in azimuth are popular on many entry-level refractors.