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a painted or carved screen placed above and behind an altar or communion table


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Sadler examines the late medieval altarpiece through a miniaturist's lens, for these large polyptychs are inhabited by a teeming group of figures that enact the entire Passion of Christ or scenes from the life of the Virgin.
"The reliquaries, carefully selected altarpieces, furniture panels, and a triptych illuminate the relationship between form and function, revealing how the artist shaped each story for its intended purpose."
Due to the structure's significance, it was included in the book 'Facets of Faith: Discovering the Church Heritage of Quezon City,' by Billy Malacura, which notes the altarpieces were installed during the reconstruction of the church and convent in 1699.
However, this presentation, as is typical of the Frick, also displayed a solid scholarly reevaluation of the remains of the Saint Augustine Altarpiece (1454-1469), both as a key work in Piero's career and as a hallmark of his early style.
Few if any artists did more to put into practice the Church's new teaching: that an altarpiece should not be a mere showpiece for the artist's skill but should engage ordinary believers and arouse their fervour and devotion.
Halfa dozen confraternities at the church had altarpieces in the western lower-nave where the tramezzo had stood, and they had a number of patrician tombs and altars as well.
In 1483, not long after his arrival in Milan, Leonardo was commissioned in company with two local brothers to complete the painted decorations for a large architectural and sculpted altarpiece for the Confraternity of the Immaculate Conception.
Published to celebrate the completion of the conservation of this altarpiece, this small volume offers a detailed, technical account of the process of its conservation, written by David A.
In this masterfully documented and sensitively narrated study of five early seicento Roman altarpieces, Pamela Jones has once again demonstrated her broad knowledge and comprehension of the religious culture of early modern Italy.
In chapter 5, "Composition," Batschmann again takes up Bellini's style; in particular, the compositional straregies he employed in sacra conversazioni- such as the Pesaro Altatpiece, and the San Giobbe Altarpiece. Included is a review of "the Antonello Problem," or the extent to which Antonello da Messina's presence in Venice between 1475 and 1476 shaped the invention of the Venetian sacra conversazione and Bellini's altarpieces.
In large-scale paintings intended to recall religious frescos or altarpieces, he depicted incidents inspired by the Bible but transferred to the village in southern England in which he had lived since a child, and other close-knit communities such as the Clyde shipbuilders of Glasgow.
Born in Tuscany around 1400 he specialised in monastery altarpieces and was beatified, the first step to sainthood, by Pope John Paul II in 1984.
Most altarpieces are composed of three main panels, also called a triptych, which are separated by structural columns.
Koerner concentrates on two Reformation altarpieces. One is by Lucas Cranach the Elder in Wittenberg, which commemorates and portrays Luther twice, as he would still have been remembered by the congregation that worshiped in his church.