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a boy serving as an acolyte

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He acted as a altar server and took part in Cathedral processions.
As an altar server, Liam cherished dreams of being centre stage at Mass, doing the things the priest did.
A former altar server, he was raised as a Roman Catholic and attended Bishop Ullathorne Grammar school in Coventry and studied law at Birmingham University.
Worcester Crown Court heard how the 46-year-old -known as Brother John to the boys -would grope them on a weekly basis while teaching bell-ringing and altar server duties in the sacristy.
I'm not sure that I had ever questioned, till then, the all-male priesthood; I had no particular desire to be an altar server, but being defined out of contention for it before I had even thought about whether or not I had such a desire rankled.
also the first altar server with a disability to help in a
Earlier this month, after New York Cardinal Timothy Dolan said the church had to be more welcoming of gays and lesbians, Coppola went public with his story of being ousted from his roles as a religious education teacher, lector and altar server at St.
ONE of the region's top church officials singled out a young altar server for sexual abuse, a court heard yesterday.
Mary is an altar server here and attends Mass on a daily basis and Pat is very involved in the parish.
Archbishop Kelly met Lance Bombardier McLaughlin's father, who was an altar server at the Lancaster church where he first worked as a parish priest.
It will also be a day to remember for Father Jason's seven-year-old son Thomas who, as an altar server, will be at the front of the procession, carrying the incense boat.
The Yorkshire-born bishop said he was brought up as High Anglican and was an altar server at a liberal Catholic church.
Women were more likely to have participated in faith formation or liturgical ministries (except altar servers), while men more commonly reported working in hospital or prison ministries, being an altar server, or teaching in a Catholic school.
The case in question was made to the OHRT in June 2009 by Jim Corcoran, a homosexual former altar server at St.