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a boy serving as an acolyte

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He is also an altar server and Caring Angels volunteer, as well as a youth basketball and track coach.
JPosing " Fr Martin explained the victim was a devoted Catholic who was an altar server for several years.
I was devastated when told my twin brother could be an altar server, but I could not.
However, several parishioners objected to having to relinquish their position and one of them, Jim Corcoran, an altar server, took his complaint to the Human Rights Tribunal claiming that he was removed from his volunteer position because he is "gay" In all, 12 parishioners who complained have filed counter statements.
Bishop-designate Williams was an altar server at St Sylvester's before going to Christleton Hall,Chester to train for the priesthood when he was 13.
As a schoolgirl in Mourneabbey she was an altar server and worked as a waitress but her calling was clear and she joined the nursing college in Limerick.
Without being an altar server as a child, I would never have cared as much about the Mass or learned as much about my faith--that it is something done in community, that God is indeed present in the little things we do, and that faith is something I actively do, not something I simply hear.
Several years later he faced a human rights complaint after barring an individual from acting as an altar server due to a scandalous situation.
As a boy, Kit sang in the church choir and was an altar server.
The alleged victim, now man in his 30s, told Cardiff Crown Court after a prolonged period of grooming that Adams had sex with him on a church vestry floor where the verger was helping out and he, as altar server, was responsible for locking up the silver after the service.
CHURCHMAN Colin James Adams targeted a young altar server to sexually abuse, a court heard.
Mary is an altar server here and attends Mass on a daily basis and Pat is very involved in the parish.
A former altar server at St Bede's Church, Geoff is now on loan to the Department of International Development from the Ministry of Defence, which he joined six years ago.
Born to an Irish Catholic mother and an Anglican father, Liam had been an altar server at All Saints in Garston as a boy, but never directed towards the priesthood by his family.
Patrick, 11, from Portsmouth, said: "I aman altar server and when I serve at Mass this week I will think of Rhys and you, his Mumand Dad, and brother Owen.