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a boy serving as an acolyte

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Alex Medina, Karl's younger brother, plays a police officer, while John Servilla, the altar boy.
The barrister said the former altar boy is claiming at least PS300,000 in damages, having "suffered unhappiness and psychiatric difficulties," including depression and post traumatic stress disorder.
RETURN: John Coyne at the old chapel where he performed altar boy duties as a boy, left, and below with colleague Peter Jamieson Zoe's Place staff Kayley Smith (right) and Lee Gardner (left) with tots Finley Cotterill and Mackenzie Moore
A release by the senator leading a congressional paedophilia investigation said yesterday that three former altar boys confirmed that they were abused by the priest.
From the arrival of Father Meme on the reservation to the planning and staging of the resistance known as the Fourteen Torments the altar boys draw the reader in with a sense of shared suffering and outrage.
At that time, a prospective altar boy had to learn certain phrases in Latin.
Fr Joe, one of nine children of a Washington couple, became an altar boy at Our Lady's RC Church in Village Lane, Washington.
ANOTHER former altar boy at one of Coventry's Roman Catholic churches is claiming he was sexually abused by disgraced priest Christopher Clonan.
A PENSIONER was celebrating yesterday after learning that he could be the longest serving altar boy in the world.
When he was 17, Damon Intrabartolo, an altar boy at 7 and an organist at 13, went to confession to ask his priest, what he should do about the clandestine love affair he'd been having with another teenage boy.
A CARDINAL said to be a candidate to be the next Pope sent a fugitive priest accused of molesting an altar boy in Costa Rica to work in two remote parishes in Honduras,it was claimed today.
The former altar boy had been a Catholic for 57 years.
Paquin, 61, who was sentenced to 12 to 15 years in prison in 2002 for raping an altar boy, also was defrocked.
He taught the boys bell- ringing and altar boy work.
However fashionable it has become for critics to lampoon him, as a mere altar boy in the business I'd like to say "Welcome back" to Noel Edmonds, a high priest of broadcasting.