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(computer science) the key on a computer keyboard that is used (in combination with some other key) to type control characters

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Activate the healing brush tool, and while on the background image layer, hold down the ALT key and pick a point on the wall close to the vent above the sign, as seen in figure 4-24.
At the bottom of the layers palette, click on the "Create a new layer" button while holding down the ALT key (OPT on the Mac).
To achieve the latter, you hit the ALT key to bring up the Task Manager and then draw the symbol of the unit type you want (it's as easy as drawing a triangle for a Squad).
"Hold down the alt key," Woodruff tells Simpson and Washington.
To move back, hold down the Alt key and press the left arrow key; to go foreward, press the right arrow key.
If you ever need exact control over the placement of your image, you can temporarily override the grid by pressing the ALT key as you drag the object into place.
On some computers, when the alt key is pressed, something weird may happen.
After clicking the character you want, you'll see a numeric code displayed at the bottom of the Character Map window, and you can use this to enter the character into a document: hold the Alt key and type the four-figure number on the numeric keypad (with Num Lock switched on).
From this screen it is possible to go directly to a specified page of the text or to search the text for a particular word or phrase, although users with a non-German keyboard will have to remember to use the ALT key and the numeric keypad for the special German characters or else use the wild-card facility.
(In 1-2-3 for Windows, press the CONTROL key instead of the ALT key.)
For instance, to exit Windows from the Program Manager, I find it a lot easier to hold down the Alt key and hit F (for File), X (for eXit), and then hit the enter key to confirm that I want to do it.
True, there are some actions, like optionclicking, that seem suspiciously like having to know to hold down the alt key in DOS.
For example, holding down the ALT key and pressing r would start the regression analysis macro.