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any of various South American plants of the genus Alstroemeria valued for their handsome umbels of beautiful flowers

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Viv Marsh has been growing alstroemeria in his nursery in Shropshire for the past 30 years and holds the national collection of this genus.
STUNNING Richly hued Alstroemeria Indian Summer (above) and Apollo (below), which grows to a metre tall
The couple exchanged vows in front of a wooden cross draped with wisteria and grapevines, fresh white and lavender alstroemeria, lavender Freesias, Dutch white roses, and variegated lily grass.
During the last two decades, alstroemeria has been one of the very important in global cut flowers production [13].
A type of alstroemeria, it blooms from May until late autumn with clusters of orangeyellow butterfly-like petals above the beautifully variegated foliage.
Esto mismo ha sido observado en otras monocotiledoneas como Alstroemeria hookeri L.
Alstroemeria, dusty miller and mini calla lilies represent the sheep.
But preliminary studies with cut flowers, reported by Reid and co-researchers in 2000, showed that smaller doses of the defoliant extended the life of alstroemeria leaves.
Entre estas flores comerciales se encuentran 23 variedades de Alstroemeria sp.
Por lo tanto, este estudio fue disenado para evaluar el efecto que la manipulacion de guias de nectar tiene sobre la preferencia de los polinizadores de Alstroemeria aurea Graham.
Alstroemeria, known as Peruvian lilies, also did well when left in the ground, whether mulched or not.