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a contestant who loses the contest


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Until they strengthen the team with real class players, they will remain in the land of the also-rans, and disillusioned supporters.
But before we declare the "also-running" also-rans, maybe it's a more level playing field than we realize, thanks to our beloved DVRs.
There's a lot for SpongeBob to get down about, but he loves his job, makes us laugh, inspires any number of also-rans, and plays the straight man masterfully.
Rupert Murdoch, once a blogophobe, devoted his April 13 speech to the annual American Society of Newspaper Editors convention to warning his fellow print dinosaurs that people who read and write blogs "want control over their media, instead of being controlled by it," and that unless newspapers "awaken to these changes, which are quite different to those of five or six years ago, we will, as an industry, be relegated to the status of also-rans.
It will also feature brief critiques of each publication and promotion campaign--as well as general comments on both the winners and also-rans by the jury chairmen of each competition:
Without religious voices, the Democrats will be perpetual also-rans, he said.
Kidderminster Harriers will have a clearer idea of whether they can become realistic Third Division play-off contenders or simply also-rans within the next eight days.
They are close enough to the stars to benefit from reflected glory and far away from the also-rans.
In today's competitive business environment, unfilled executive positions can turn companies that were market leaders into also-rans.
By these standards, such stars as Joe Montana and Steve Largent should have been also-rans, whereas countless unknowns should have been top performers.
Accreditation by recognized organizations such as JCAHO and CARF provide added value; indeed, this often separates the subacute care program of-choice from the also-rans.
In an age when so much parity and homogeneity exists among competitors in terms of products/services and prices offered, it is the quality of customer service and support provided that often determines which companies become market leaders and which ones become also-rans, or worse, extinct.
DAMON Hill believes the arrival of Lewis Hamilton at Mercedes could transform the team from also-rans into genuine contenders for regular Formula One race victories.
When the fab four (or five, if you really must) decided to get back together, their reunion gave hope to countless other also-rans of the UK music scene.
EOIN MORGAN last night warned England to learn to play on good pitches or face being one-day also-rans.