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a contestant who loses the contest


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That was Higgins' second loss to the rookie this term and he admitted: "I'm an also-ran for the World finals.
RONNIE O'Sullivan warned he is far from being a snooker also-ran after sending defending champion Ding Junhui tumbling out of the BGC Masters.
Ashley saved the club from being in the very real position of being a total also-ran.
Summary: Pop singer Katy won a leading nine nominations for the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards Wednesday, reducing eccentric superstar Lady Gaga to also-ran status with just three nods.
Some of the multi-millionaire Chelsea stars will see the FA Cup as an also-ran competition - but Everton are mad for it.
But Eoghan, twins Sam and Amanda Marchant from Big Brother, DJ Ironik and Apprentice also-ran Raef Bjayou were up for the challenge - after being egged on a little.
But the 22-year-old - who surpassed expectations by reaching the World Championship semi-final - is desperate not to be another 'athletics also-ran.'
He stole the spotlight well but it looks like his band will end up an also-ran of 2005.
The network was responsible for several full-page advertisements in the New York Times portraying Ford as a fuel-efficiency also-ran. "We're concentrating our efforts on Ford's public image, which is where they're most sensitive;' Long says.
His reign ended when he came "only" sixth in 2000 and, after inching his way back up to fifth and then fourth the following two seasons, he became an also-ran in the race, managing only 28th place in 2003 and 25th last year.
Long seen as an also-ran in consumer electronics, LG is now a formidable global player and one of the most recognizable brands behind only Sony, Samsung and Philips.
Downtown, a perennial also-ran to midtown, might finally give its rival a run if things go according to Silverstein's plan.
He has far too much resolve, skill and determination to become an also-ran.
Not only is the state a crucial battleground in the presidential race--one of the factors the Stonewall Democrats considers when deciding where to direct its money--but it is also the site of a fierce struggle to replace another presidential also-ran, Sen.
In fact, a head-to-head comparison with the Corolla and Civic reveals that the new Spectra has evolved from a cheap also-ran competing largely on the strength of price and warranty into a worthy rival that actually eats its better-known competitor's lunch in a number of key categories.