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a mountain climber who specializes in difficult climbs

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According to the Mass Media's information, on Sunday a rope of one of alpinists tore and as a result of it he was injured.
Four experienced mountain climbers (mean+SD): age 45[+ or -]8 yrs, body weight (BW) 75[+ or -]5 kg, body height (HT) 171[+ or -]9 cm, from Gasherbrum II (8032 m) (GAS), and five veteran alpinists (age 55 [+ or -] 11 yrs, BW 74 [+ or -] 9 kg, HT 177 [+ or -] 7 cm, from Ama Dablam (AMA) (6828 m) expedition volunteered to participate in our study.
Railways assisted serious trampers and alpinists to reach their mountain playgrounds, but also opened up access to a wider public who wished to experience outdoor pleasure with a minimum of commitment or discomfort.
By Greyhound and plane and bus again he travelled with two other young alpinists to the Cordillera Huayhuash of the Andes, a remote and almost uninhabited part of northern Peru.
There were enough European alpinists in the Caucasus by the time of the First World War that the president of Britain's Royal Geographical Society said that they had "added a new playground to Europe.
The reported extreme elevation of these peaks later drew the attention of a number of Rocky Mountain explorers and alpinists who searched for the elusive peaks.
Salt Lake City - CLARUS CORPORATION signed definitive merger agreements to acquire, in two separate transactions, BLACK DIAMOND EQUIPMENT, a designer and manufacturer of equipment for rock climbers, ice climbers, alpinists, and freeride skiers, and GREGORY MOUNTAIN PRODUCTS, INC a premier designer and manufacturer of technical backpacking and related mountaineering products and accessories.
GIFU, Japan - One body was recovered by helicopter Monday from a mountain in Gifu Prefecture where three climbers went missing, while seven alpinists were rescued from another mountain in the prefecture, police said.
One could take several days to cross Djendema--but it is said that no one, not even professional alpinists, were able to scale the hellish gorge--Bear Grylls, come and try it if you dare.
I believe there is no general answer to this question, nor to the larger one of why contemporary authors are so intent on challenging our intuitive ideas of time, beside the reason often given by alpinists for wanting to climb a certain mountain: because the mountain (or in the case of narrative art, the possibility) is there.
Special thanks are due our team, consisting of our mountain guide Alois Krenn, as well as "extreme" alpinists Petra Morolz and Rudolf Purat, all from Spittal/Drau, Austria.
23) None of the Victorian lead-user Alpinists saw their innovations as a platform for their own businesses, even though in some cases their innovations became the dominant design for decades.
Alpinists note that with Rossini being a former Quicksilver enterprise, these moves will fill the industry with wonder.
Alpinists regularly grow intractable species in a 50/50 mix of grit and leafmould.
Only friends and fellow alpinists noticed that, with her father, brother, and Anderegg, she had made the first ascent of the Balmhorn (1864), and had been the first woman to reach the summits of the Wetterhorn (1866), Lyskamm (1868), and Piz Bernina (1869).