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a mountain climber who specializes in difficult climbs

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In the case of Kazakh alpinists, everything was difficult.
The alpinist Hristo Stanchev from Varna took over to one of the two Himalayan eight-thousand peaks-Manaslu in 1998.
Increase from three days to at least five days National Park permission given by Ministry of Ecology and Natural Recourses for alpinists, and make it flexible in period.
"You made a courageous first step in restoring Cerro Torre to its rightful place as one of the most demanding and inaccessible summits in the world," the elder Kennedy wrote in an open letter to his son that was published in Alpinist Magazine in 2012.
Number of peaks over 8,000 conquered by other Polish alpinists: 10 out of 14.
Georgian rescuers managed to reach Polish alpinists, who had been entrapped on the mountain near famous peak
It began to attract increasing numbers of tourists, among them Romantics beguiled by the sublime landscapes of its mountains and alpinists who wanted to climb them.
Patagonia is the holy grail of die hard alpinists and Torres Del Paine in Chile is the silver chalice that offers this grail in its starkest form.
He was one of the best Swiss alpinists of his time and he was the one who brought basejumping to Switzerland.
BATUM (CyHAN)- Georgian rescuers have found the bodies of two Russian alpinists who were caught in an avalanche while descending from Mkinvartsveri peak yesterday.
The four -- two guides and two clients -- were among eight people killed after an avalanche swept through their camp on the side of the 8,156-metre (26,759-foot) Himalayan mountain early last Sunday, just hours before the alpinists were to make an attempt to reach the peak s summit.
Question arises whether such low - intensity training, which is repeated daily during expedition, influence endurance of alpinists. It is difficult to predict significant enhancement of endurance during normoxic conditions, because of low intensity, but this work, which is performed in hypoxic environmental conditions may enhance endurance in hypoxic conditions, where acclimatization take a part.
Mention was made earlier of European alpinists in Georgia.
Salt Lake City - CLARUS CORPORATION signed definitive merger agreements to acquire, in two separate transactions, BLACK DIAMOND EQUIPMENT, a designer and manufacturer of equipment for rock climbers, ice climbers, alpinists, and freeride skiers, and GREGORY MOUNTAIN PRODUCTS, INC a premier designer and manufacturer of technical backpacking and related mountaineering products and accessories.
GIFU, Japan - One body was recovered by helicopter Monday from a mountain in Gifu Prefecture where three climbers went missing, while seven alpinists were rescued from another mountain in the prefecture, police said.