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a mountain climber who specializes in difficult climbs

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As he was going down from the peak the alpinist slipped because of the ice and dived into the abyss.
But Sugar Boy looks a real stayer and appeared to relish testing conditions last year, enough to sway me in favour of the Ballydoyle runner, while the form of Alpinist's recent Curragh maiden was let down by both the second and third in recent days.
Alpinist (13-8) finished the foursome when taking the Irish Stallion Farms EBF Maiden to give Manning a treble.
Exercise intensity (P) determined by Lactate Threshold (LT) and Ventilatory Threshold (VT) during testing in normoxic (NOR) and hypoxic (HIP) conditions in Gasherbrum (GAS) and Ama Dablam alpinist expeditions (AMA).
The British alpinist Douglas Freshfield led an expedition to the Caucasus in 1870 and seems to have been the first person to climb Kazbek, elevation 16,512 feet.
Police told the Austria Press Agency that they located the partial skeleton after an alpinist gave them human bones and a hiking boot that he found near a glacier.
Six months later, a Soviet alpinist (who happened to be the father of one of our guides) climbed the mountain and tore down the flag as the Germans retreated.
Smiraglia is currently analyzing the data gathered during the expedition, Geologist and alpinist Pinuccio D'Aquila has been with the crew on Baltoro to perform direct analysis and to collect data on the glaciers' extensions.
At Friday's ceremony, the Italian army's Julia Alpinist brigade handed over command in Herat to the 'Lightning' paratroopers.
(61) For Alex, going lightweight was less about weight than about commitment and a way of thinking: Above all cunning is the lot of the Alpinist. The term "lightweight" is not enough to describe his activities for it encompasses a much wider brief than he entertains.
Ian was an experienced climber and was emerging as a talented Alpinist.
Franco Cookson, a long-term climbing friend who appears to have been part of Ian's climbing party, said on a climbing site blog: "Ian was an experienced climber and was emerging as a talented Alpinist.
Ryan Gander presents himself as a fervent proponent of this open-ended aesthetic: In a catalogue text accompanying his 2005 installation The Alpinist, Gander explained that the visitors were "given" a year (in the future), a character (an Alpinist), five hundred "completely alien" objects (seemingly made from concrete), and, lastly, moonlight.
Evidently, the guidebook on which he relied failed to explain how difficult it was to achieve this crossing in spring; he had to turn back in disappointment (the feat was finally accomplished by British alpinist Walter Weston in August 1893).