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Synonyms for alpha

the alpha and omega

Words related to alpha

the 1st letter of the Greek alphabet

the beginning of a series or sequence

Related Words

first in order of importance

Related Words

early testing stage of a software or hardware product

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The third generation of Alpha, the 21264, is the world's fastest Windows NT solution, delivering twice the performance of the current 21164 at the same frequency, and speeds that are two to five times faster than any other processor available.
Alpha technology has powered the creation of hundreds of special effects in film and television, and is fast becoming the platform of choice among creators of advanced graphics content.
Alpha Five version 6 is a relational database application that lets both programmers and non-programmers create sophisticated desktop database applications without the need to write any code.
A major attraction for large enterprises is the ability Alpha Five gives IT departments to crank out new applications--to be used by employees and customers around the globe--that work with data from their existing ODBC-compliant databases such as MySQL, IBM DB2, MS Access, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, and QuickBooks.
As part of its overall integration strategy, Broder intends to maintain the well-recognized and respected Alpha Shirt brand, supporting it with its own catalog, unique product offering, customer service, sales force, and website.
At initial shipment, the GS Series is powered by up to 32 third generation Alpha microprocessors fabricated in Samsung's 0.
Alpha Software introduced 747 Jumbo Jet for Flight Simulator in the fourth quarter of 1997, and sales of the product have exceeded expectations.
The program can also be used in conjunction with Alpha Software's 747 Jumbo Jet, so users can fly the presidential aircraft into 747's exclusive airports, which include Dusseldorf and Frankfurt Main in Germany.
Software registration has long been a chore that doesn't always get done," said Richard Rosen, director of business development, Alpha Software.
With Gimme Space we saw an immediate user need that the product solved and felt that we could make the product into a top selling PC utility," said Richard Rabins, CEO, Alpha Software Corporation.
Kurzweil AI is both a pioneer and a current leader in the voice recognition field," said Richard Rabins, co-chairman of Alpha Software Corporation.
We're excited to have our software running on Digital Alpha systems," said PictureTalk President and CEO, Joe Salesky.
The availability of Alpha drivers for the Sapphire 2SX, Fujitsu's premier 3D graphics accelerator, brings visually compelling 3D reality to the Alpha platform for high-quality 3D performance.
The WorkStream Alpha Migration Alliance was formed in direct response to the semiconductor industry's outcry for increased throughput by way of higher performance from factory-floor and process-control systems -- something only a 64-bit, RISC-based computing environment can provide.
The new Alpha systems are a perfect product set for our partners," said Harold D.