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Synonyms for alphanumerics

a character set that includes letters and digits and punctuation

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You know that alphanumeric login is well and truly obsolete when even the Director of the FBI confesses he's given up online banking after a phishing scare.
The Alltec lasers individually code can tabs with alphanumerics, images and logos.
But alphanumerics will become more popular soon, as they will be able to transmit greater amounts of data.
So instead of having to look at alphanumerics, one has the opportunity of, say, displaying J.
Named the Olpack range, it has been designed particularly for on-line printing of flexible packaging materials, which allows the high speed printing of good quality alphanumerics, bar-codes and logos.
(The word 'pixel' is made from the two words "picture element".) Here are some alphanumerics from a computer-screen, magnified to show the pixels.
Undergraduates (n=99) differing in spatial ability were tested on problems involving the mental rotation of familiar alphanumeric stimuli and unfamiliar stimuli drawn from the Primary Mental Abilities Space Test.