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of or pertaining to alphanumeric characters

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Data from wives' responses were alphanumerically coded.
Each paper substrate was prepared by printing a white on black alphanumerically coded 2.5 mm grid pattern onto each sheet of standard copy paper.
Client-therapist pairs will be referred to as "Dyads" and labeled alphanumerically (A, B, C).
(a) Alphanumerically by Library of Congress classification number
The foreign birth place narratives were then alphanumerically coded into country variables, or into general regional variables (for example, Asia, Africa, Europe, Latin America, Oceania, and Northern America) according to Census Bureau classifications for country and regional analysis.
Reference sources such as catalogs and indexes are ordered alphanumerically or by subject and are devised with the express purpose to be searched.
The multi-functional display with 32 characters shows all programme steps, as well as any errors, alphanumerically.
Other performance features included using problem-based interactive training and explicit "live" action commands to communicate with the point-of-care operator (rather than using alphanumerically coded information, which requires access to interpretive manuals); forcing download (transfer) of patient results, capturing performance monitoring data, and tracking; and defeating fraudulent manipulation of quality assurance processes.
Colors enclosed in quotation marks are from Ridgway (1912), while those cited alphanumerically are from Kornerup and Wanscher (1967).
The display module incorporates a 4 x 20 character display and all data is displayed alphanumerically. Process screens display four values simultaneously in both digital and bar-graph formats and as many as eight monitored values can be displayed.
However, Mr Koch explains, the baseplates are labeled alphanumerically, and therefore, the coordinate/grid method of recording the fixture's positioning can be employed.
Users can even arrange to be e-mailed or paged alphanumerically with reminders for chosen events.
293-323), where sources are listed alphanumerically by inadequate sigla that omit the fonds: in the British Library, for instance, 1804, 2961, and 4664 are not all additional manuscripts (which the absence of the fonds suggests).
The thickness function parameters may also be changed alphanumerically on the Input Panel, and the view is then updated.
A third method is to embed the domain constraints into an external representation (such as steam tables) but to represent those constraints graphically (rather than alphanumerically) so that operators can determine quickly, easily, and reliably "at a glance" whether the primary loop is saturated.