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of or pertaining to alphanumeric characters

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9) In the original Greek an alphabetic system was used and when it was translated into Arabic the abjad, or alphanumerical system, was used.
Each chip has a unique 12-figure alphanumerical code.
Letter digitalization converts the letters of a word into their alphanumerical values (A=1, B=2.
ID cards should have a unique numerical or alphanumerical identifier.
Alarms, diagnostics, and set-up procedures are displayed as alphanumerical codes, which you have to look up in the manual to make sense of them.
We convert both kinds of ratings from an alphanumerical system to an ordinal number ranging from one (for AAA-rated bonds) to 19 (for CCC-rated bonds).
Each process is decomposed and identified by an alphanumerical notation from Level 1 to Level 3.
At the next level, switch settings can be grouped so that binary digits (bits) are converted into more complex code consisting of bytes, each of which is given an alphanumerical label.
Europe continues to conduct alphanumerical manoeuvres on the broad plains of the internet.
The Entrust IdentityGuard solution provides a much simpler method of authenticating users by deploying random grids of alphanumerical characters that are in turn used to answer a challenge presented when accessing on-line transactions.
The TYPE information is strongly useful in this phase, because the GReIC Server must consider differently, from a syntaxical point of view, alphanumerical (CHAR, VARCHAR, etc.
The unit also features: a high speed tape tab unit; a high speed frontal tape unit; elastic waist; leg gathers applicator; acquisition layer applicator; SAP dosing unit with electronic control of the SAP weight; lycra underwinder for leg elastic and cuff; horizontal stacker; phase adjustment for all applications; vacuum conveyor belt in all transport positions; alphanumerical display for trouble shooting messages; self-cleaning rotary filter (designed in accordance with the European safety regulations).
It is part of the ASCII code, the international standard for alphanumerical symbols on computer keyboards.
The numbers on the sundial on instrument B, he tells us, are highly stylized but these "forms are completely outside the Islamic tradition of representing the Arabic or Persian numerals and they are also unrelated to Arabic alphanumerical (abjad) notation found on the longitude and latitude scales of world-maps A and B.
The administration claimed the plates in use were nearing their expiration date and that, because of an increase in registered cars, the government had to institute the use of new, alphanumerical plates.