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of or pertaining to alphanumeric characters

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It has always been an important factor in industrial activities, especially in automobiles and machine tools as they provide permanent alphanumerical details on the product in terms of brand name, batch number and other details.
The KeySecure tracing system is based on an encrypted 15-digit alphanumerical code, which makes it possible to identify and authenticate every product item marked via smartphone or the Internet.
Patient confidentiality was ensured by substituting personally identifiable information with a unique alphanumerical code to each patient in the study.
The website publisher can be as well a data controller, having a jointly responsibility with the ad network provider, as the publisher is the one to have access to IP, collect the IP, and relishes the alphanumerical code / cookies.
In order to keep up the "dialogue" with the patient an alphanumerical chart was developed (photo: "Chart"), in which she was asked for a "key-word" for a picture she wanted to be painted.
The most common ones are alphanumerical codes, bar bodes, RFID tags, and CIS.
The resulting artwork became a large composite of the photos on a serial grid, with an alphanumerical system that made each photo identifiable by number, sequence, and title.
The Sony E6553 follows the alphanumerical pattern of the company's previous flagships.
He examined the advice offered to users when they were creating accounts, and changing or resetting passwords, with particular focus on length, alphanumerical inclusion, prevention of guessable choices, and the presence of password strength meters.
The data collected is shown in both alphanumerical and graphical formats so that key parameters such as heat soak, cool times and fusion pressures can be reviewed to insure that they meet the standards used on a given jobsite.
In this case, the origin chip feature let the domain name intact, but it removed the rest of the appended alphanumerical texts from the URL.
Other types of scanners are not suitable because of lower resolution for embossed alphanumerical characters.