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a display that gives the information in the form of characters (numbers or letters)

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Setup of the unit is accomplished using an easy-to-read menu format with alphanumeric display.
025 prevent full-scale with an easy-to-read 4-line by 20 character alphanumeric display and 5 digits of measurement resolution that can read out in any of 11 engineering units.
A microprocessor based transmitter with a built-in alphanumeric display, available for mounting both integrally and remotely from its flow sensor.
System status and performance characteristics are dearly displayed on a double-line alphanumeric display that also indicates when routine maintenance should be performed.
In addition, its multi-line, alphanumeric display provides information on the name of the operator using the device, the name of the mold or pattern being tested, the date and time of each test, and the date of the last calibration of the device.
Its multi-line alphanumeric display is said to provide simple setup and operation at the touch of a finger.
MessageLink, a PC-based client/server software application, receives text messages from multiple applications, such as paging and email systems, and delivers them to the SpectraLink Wireless Telephone's alphanumeric display.
On the Companion system other possible options include messaging to pick up brief faxes, e-mail and patient information using our scroll-through, two-line, 16-character feature on the alphanumeric display incorporated on the handset.
Other features include alphanumeric display, 100 number alpha memory, nine number speed dial memory, calling card memory and an individual call timer.
The market for high power HBLEDs has expanded beyond traditional market segments such as the status and alphanumeric display markets into a wider range of lighting applications including illumination; automotive; signage and residential and commercial lighting.
Tenders are invited for supply of telephone instrument, corded phone, features-caller id support, 2 display lines alphanumeric display, alphanumerical keypad, 30 caller id memory, slim design, switchable tone/pulse setting 5 redial memory, pause, mute, flash support.
First available will be the VX-4600 model featuring an 8-character alphanumeric display, 512 channel capacity and 6 programmable buttons for enhanced group communications.
The interactive operator's display uses LED prompting to make operation and programming easy, while the alphanumeric display and keypad simplify field programming.
Backlit LCD alphanumeric display (2 x 20 characters) displays operating status, setup parameters, diagnostics, alarm log, event log and other information.
The menu-driven, alphanumeric display can input and check all parameters on the display in the manual mode or all settings can be chosen automatically by the integrated processor.