alphanumeric characters

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a character set that includes letters and digits and punctuation

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After the prefix, there are 12 numeric digits (the 6-digit industry code is listed twice), and up to 7 additional alphanumeric characters that identify product detail.
mobi domain names with one and two alphanumeric characters, such as q.
ECC 200 Data Matrix codes can store up to 3,116 numeric, 2,335 alphanumeric characters or 1,555 bytes of binary information in a 144 column x 144-row array.
Enhanced features include the capacity to scan or manually enter up to 20 patient-identification alphanumeric characters and up to 16 operator-identification (OID) alphanumeric characters.
Short Messaging Service (SMS) was created as a standard to send and receive short text messages between mobile phones between 70-160 alphanumeric characters in length.
Company's QUEST Optical Character Recognition and Verification algorithm enhances the detection of printed alphanumeric characters regardless of their shape or size.
The Alliance/OHAUS Explorer Model E1RV72 Electronic Balance features an LCD display with seven alphanumeric characters, internal calibration (InCal), and automatic zero tracking.
These pagers can display about ten times as many characters as the digital--230 alphanumeric characters vs 24 for the digital.
Using this technology, the SIM card facilitates dialing of alphanumeric characters in lieu of phone numbers on almost any GSM handset.
The earlier format comprises of letters in the first positions to indicate the agency, followed by alphanumeric characters.
After the prefix, there are 12 digits (the 6-digit industry code is listed twice) followed by up to 7 alphanumeric characters identifying product detail.