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of or pertaining to alphanumeric characters

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Metrocall views alphanumeric paging as a superior value-added service and a market with significant growth opportunity.
PageNet is the industry's value-price leader and has a strong commitment to the growth of the alphanumeric paging market through the integration of e-mail services," said Paulette White, vice president, information services for CompuServe.
Our combination of technologically advanced transmission equipment, enhanced information services and increasing market acceptance of alphanumeric paging will drive our growth in 1996," Giacchi said.
Now that the page-sending service is up and running, in addition to our 24-hour Message Center, our MessageSoft(TM) software and various dedicated message-sending devices, MobileMedia customers have another way to send and receive alphanumeric messages -- through the convenience of AOL.
15 2D matrix and alphanumeric codes, on the front or backside of a wafer.
The PageNet Web site employs an image of an alphanumeric pager as the navigation device.
Custom notes or annotations of over 500 alphanumeric characters can be added to the roster of call detail information captured with each call record.
With paging properties in North Carolina, South Carolina, Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee and Florida, Dial Page currently has approximately 365,000 pagers in service, of which approximately 65,000 are alphanumeric pagers.
today introduced a full alphanumeric keyboard option for its popular Intermec 700 Color Series of rugged mobile computers.
0 for Windows(TM), an entry-level, easy-to-use program that enables business users to send a page of text or numbers to an alphanumeric pager from a local area network, was released today by DCC Inc.
0B modules, two RS-232 serial ports, an alphanumeric LCD port, and a complete timing system.
We will leverage the strong market presence of Notable's existing line of products and services, including AirNote(TM), the popular alphanumeric paging product," said Wood.
The features can be combined, through the software program, into unique facial composites, which can be converted into unique 38-digit alphanumeric ID codes.