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of or pertaining to alphanumeric characters

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Minimum 4-line alphanumeric display, minimum 20 characters per line, with 2 line zoom
Sutherland composing a 3-D structure using a light pen to input to a cathode ray tube, while manipulating an alphanumeric keypad with his other hand.
All these pairs are alphanumeric equalities: 42,65,87,165,149,156 respectively
MobileMedia provides numeric and alphanumeric wireless messaging service to more than 2.
Some answering services also provide alphanumeric paging services.
Other features include alphanumeric display, 100 number alpha memory, nine number speed dial memory, calling card memory and an individual call timer.
In October of last year, the company switched to Ameritech alphanumeric pagers.
Telcel's customers, which accounts for 75 percent of Mexico's mobile subscribers, can now purchase the slim Fastap-enabled UP310 flip phone handset with a full alphanumeric keypad designed to facilitate interaction with today's data and messaging services.
this consultation is on rental maintaining a machine-up multi-pockets with optical reading crease and a solution of high capacity printing on envelopes with conversion software alphanumeric encoding and database capable of supporting production of 1,000,000 stuffing envelopes per year with 600,000 annual mappings.
Ascom's ANCSI can support the Telocator Alphanumeric Protocol (TAP) 1.
In addition, its multi-line, alphanumeric display provides information on the name of the operator using the device, the name of the mold or pattern being tested, the date and time of each test, and the date of the last calibration of the device.
It provides a four-line alphanumeric display with digital readout of dewpoint, process-air temperature and setpoint, and return-air temperature.
Various implementations of Fastap as a keypad design technology include Alphanumeric which can take on a layout of alphabetical, qwerty, or modified qwerty and Press-To-Anything for access-control of convergence phones and direct access to mobile applications.
Subsequent contracts cover the supply, installation, engineering and commissioning associated dynamic signaling equipment service type - PMV with alphanumeric display, icon and flash lights on porch / stem / high mast (pphm)- Pmv alphanumeric display with single pole,- Posting Channel signal (Sav) on PPHM,- Dynamic font signaling (on PPHM or mast)-.