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of or pertaining to alphanumeric characters

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Forty-five percent failed to block logins after 10 failed attempts, 36 percent didn't require a minimum of eight characters and 27 percent didn't require alphanumeric passwords.
The consequences of this fact for sorting depend on the actual alphanumeric values and range from harmless to severe.
But politicians and members of the judiciary, who initially didn't have the regular numbers on their special license plates, will be given new alphanumeric plate numbers similar to everyone else," said Qabbani, adding that the letter "A" would be designated for politicians and state officials.
If you try to read a program as if it were all alphanumeric characters, the result would be mostly gibberish.
But Mr Mueller, and the countless others who have been the targets of phishing and Trojan attacks, would have been largely protected if their banks had switched from outdated alphanumeric login protection to an image-based authentication system such as SafeLogin[TM] from UK-based Tricerion Ltd.
The QC-330 features a high-res LCD monitor, and the system includes programming functionality such as alphanumeric program naming, user messages, and "arrow to target" indications that guide part probing.
It is configured with a single expander and a focus lens combination selected to cover most marking applications and two software options that offer basic alphanumeric marking as well as more advanced marking functions, such as logos, graphics, bar codes, 2D codes, single stroke fonts, and TrueType fonts.
With Activexpression, students can express themselves through a full range of response types--multiple choice, true/false, yes/no, multiple response, put in order, gap fill words, Likert scales, confidence checking and alphanumeric response.
The step-through, point-to-point teach format utilizes English commands and large onscreen buttons rather than just alphanumeric displays to aid the user in fast setup of part-removal sequences or secondary operations like trimming and vision inspection.
The N-8500MS IP Multifunction Master Station offers a built-in Ethernet connection for direct network connection, a 32-character alphanumeric LCD display, and handset and speed-dial functions.
After fashion week, Ashly films teen comedy Van Wilder II in Romania before shooting Alphanumeric and My Funny Valentine.
The domain name system was developed in the 1980s to help associate alphanumeric names with the number addresses which the Internet uses as pointers to locations, making it easier for users to memorize and navigate.
The "PROTO" and "EVAL" boards both contain an alphanumeric LCD display and provide CAT5E connectors to demonstrate the high-speed LVDS functionality of the A3P250 (and larger) devices within the ProASIC3/E family.