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having been put in alphabetical order

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A clean desk, files alphabetized in a cabinet or stored by digital folder?
Primary entries on industrial phenomena, inventors & inventions, prominent companies, historical events in industrialization, economic models & philosophies, and theoretical terminology are alphabetized. Following this main body, a cache of primary documents is presented, including perspectives on political economy, workplaces, the results of industrialization, labor politics, and later-industrializing societies, from prominent writers and speakers ranging from excerpts of giants Adam Smith and Karl Marx during the beginnings of industrialization to Barack Obama in late 2011.
The elementary and middle school lists are divided by curricular topics, such as math and social studies, and the high school guide is alphabetized by tool name.
By the time the ceremony concludes - once those hundreds of alphabetized names have been called - even the parents, siblings, friends and grandparents have made their peace with the proceedings.
Mylan's printed GBR includes product portfolio sections under the Mylan Pharmaceuticals, Mylan Institutional and Mylan Specialty names and what is described as an easy-to-navigate, alphabetized reference source for many health care providers working in one space.
No one wants a repeat of Pope John Paul II's funeral, at which the Iranian and Israeli delegations ended up sitting near to each other because the seats were alphabetized.
Genealogists will enjoy the alphabetized lists of known burials and those interested in the history of the Niagara region will appreciate the short commentaries about notable persons buried in certain cemeteries in the area.
Appended are: (1) Table of ACCLAIM works replaced by later versions; (2) ACCLAIM's Theoretical Framework; (3) Background Information; (4) Numerical Codes for ACCLAIM Works Listed in Table 2, Alphabetized by Year; (5) Evaluation Chart for High-Scoring Theoretical Works; and (6) Glossary of Key Concepts.
All of the entries are alphabetized, as would be expected in an encyclopedia, as well as the contents page.
Half-a-million, all alphabetized, Mounted in their matter-of-factness,
"This provides a more orderly and equitable use of space, and the companies can be alphabetized," Brassard said.
It packs in details organized by state and alphabetized by college name, and includes everything from programs of study and requirements to transfers, visiting options, financial aid and more.
Users can perform keyword-driven, alphabetized category, or subcategory searches.
The book is well cataloged with a table of contents, individual chapter content tables, and an alphabetized index at the back.
The dictionary consists of an alphabetized list of all the word forms which GCPR have collected, regardless of whether they are roots, derived stems, or inflected forms.