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arrange in alphabetical order


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It is good to alphabetize these new words and write meaningful definitions for each.
First, I helped my aunt do some stuff, helped her alphabetize files.
No matter what the structure of your filing system is, alphabetize within it.
Writer-director Noah Baumbach made a bit of indie splash three years ago with his debut feature, ``Kicking and Screaming,'' a deft look at a group of post-college slackers wondering what to do with their lives other than alphabetize movies at the neighborhood video store.
As children answer questions, they learn to: -- Read words in context; -- Alphabetize words correctly; -- Spell words correctly; -- Distinguish between antonyms and synonyms; -- Build vocabulary; -- Understand connector words (such as and, then); -- Identify order of actions (such as first, next, after); -- Apply logic and critical-thinking skills to reading; and -- Follow directions.