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arrange in alphabetical order


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Table 1: Fall Semester Astronomy class Control Group 17/12 Number of Classes 1 Number of Students 32 Number of Library Database Articles Used 0% Number of Library Books Used 1% Number of Recommended Web Sites 0% Number of Non-Recommended Web Sites ;, 28% Used Total number of Library Recommended 1 (3% of all resources Resources Used used) Average Score: Alphabetize 0 (out of 2) Average Score: Double Space 0 (out of 2) Average Score: Hanging Indent 0 (out of 2) Average Score: Title 1.
First, I helped my aunt do some stuff, helped her alphabetize files.
One way to improve the predictability of a reference for the reader is to alphabetize topics or sections whenever possible.
No matter what the structure of your filing system is, alphabetize within it.
Writer-director Noah Baumbach made a bit of indie splash three years ago with his debut feature, ``Kicking and Screaming,'' a deft look at a group of post-college slackers wondering what to do with their lives other than alphabetize movies at the neighborhood video store.