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the act of putting in alphabetical order

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Ministry of primary and secondary and alphabetization (MEPSA) released general procurement notice (GPN) for providing goods,works and services for Educational And Institutional Strengthening (Peri).
Just as the alphabetization of communication has freed the ghost of a meaning that would subsist forever identical to itself independently of any communicative context (what metaphysics calls "idea," "essence," "one of the many"), in the same way the molecular analysis of the living has promoted the idea of a "Life-in-itself" (DNA) which partakes of every living, making it, therefore, a living.
In effect, to assign students randomly across language groups, we used alphabetization of last names: The first half of the alphabet would be placed in the native-language group, and the second half in the English-language group.
Zenodotus' "subject/room" and alphabetization methods were a beginning, but as the collection grew, they became less and less effective.
Activities may include reviewing the alphabet, alphabetization, origin of words, and discussing stress and accents.
I have chosen to follow this customary form in the text, but to maintain the standard form in the alphabetization of his cited works.
As an illustration the report of Education For All (EPT) program carried out by UNESCO in 2005, in thirty five countries calculating progress reached in four determined objectives: universality of primary education, equality of opportunities without difference of sex, alphabetization and education quality.
Some of them take this program as an occasion for spending spare time; others regard it as a tool for entering driving license-exam, which requires alphabetization.
Even alphabetization, surely one of me simplest qualifications of a discography compiler, fails regularly (e.
The odd alphabetization "Maria dal Cornetto, Zuan" is amusing.
Racial segregation was applied in the South through the 'Jim Crow Laws' that denied the right of the blacks to vote with requirements such as property, alphabetization, taxes and others (Marx).
Children's skill in spelling, typing, spacing, punctuation, syntax, alphabetization, scanning, and tracking may vary (Busey & Doerr, 1993).
Alphabetization for some firms may depend either on the content of their names or on how their names are displayed, i.
1999) reports findings pertaining to the rates of alphabetization across several academic disciplines.
And he has collaborated with Barry Sanders to provide a sustained critique of the alphabet, the basis of schooling, in ABC: The Alphabetization of the Popular Mind (Illich & Sanders, 1989); in a subsequent work, A is for Ox: Violence, Electronic Media, and the Silencing of the Written Word, Sanders (1994) has advocated a balance between orality and literacy in response to the electronic media.