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the act of putting in alphabetical order

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Meanwhile in the name of the nation, 20th century Guatemala sought the purification of the Indian race, its advancement, and Indians' alphabetization in order to release them from their backwardness, systematizing their languages, describing them grammatically through familiar (Indo-European) linguistic terms, making the languages official, and making them curriculum to rescue and revitalize the culture, and a people.
Is not alphabetization a clear task of primary, maybe of secondary education, while higher education can distance itself from this task and just focus on disciplinary content and specialist training?
Fourth, in the same way, the participation in courses of computer technology and digital alphabetization for socio-labor inclusion and reintegration of the inmate population is posed as a potential profession.
Through the development of a critical alphabetization, mathematical literacy, a multiple cartography and life-history portfolios we seek to address the educational needs in terms of foreground of knowledge of these populations in situ.
You can also do strict alphabetization, although you should remember to leave enough room that you don't find yourself unable to squeeze in a particular address or phone number at the correct place (e.
This approach can also be used to answer important contemporary questions in the area of educommunication and alphabetization with new media.
This study was followed by other research, namely by van Prapp and van Prapp (2007), Maciejovsky et al (2009), and Frandsen and Nicolaisen (2010), that showed similar results validating that alphabetization can have a definite impact on authors' careers, but that impact will vary significantly between fields and the conventions used to list authors.
If SMS was already proposed by Comcel-Voila, Digicel contributes to its democratization (through advantageous billing plans, SMS promotion) in a population with a very low alphabetization rate.
In the following years the government introduced evening alphabetization classes and more rural education centres.
John de Francis, "The Alphabetization of Chinese," Journal of the American Oriental Society 63 (1943): 225-240.
As Jagodzinski puts it: "We are living through the early stages of a shift from the alphabetization of the mind to its modification by digitalized screen images within a synoptic assemblage" (p.
This is the alphabetization of Friedrich Kittler, but with a twist: Kittler argues that printed letters (mediated through the mother's mouth) aid in the positing of a primary orality, but this is a primary visibility reinscribed on the medium of the body, for which the production of oral poetry exists only as an uncontrollable (and problematic) side effect.
The show, entitled "Apercus du passe, espoirs du futur" (Overview of the past, hope of the future) is the culmination of a one-month program in Tibnine put on by the nongovernmental organization The Lebanese Association for Human Promotion and Alphabetization (ALPHA) that aimed to help children use art to deal with traumatic experiences, in particular the 2006 summer war.
Ministry of primary and secondary and alphabetization (MEPSA) released general procurement notice (GPN) for providing goods,works and services for Educational And Institutional Strengthening (Peri).
Just as the alphabetization of communication has freed the ghost of a meaning that would subsist forever identical to itself independently of any communicative context (what metaphysics calls "idea," "essence," "one of the many"), in the same way the molecular analysis of the living has promoted the idea of a "Life-in-itself" (DNA) which partakes of every living, making it, therefore, a living.