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the act of putting in alphabetical order

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Meanwhile in the name of the nation, 20th century Guatemala sought the purification of the Indian race, its advancement, and Indians' alphabetization in order to release them from their backwardness, systematizing their languages, describing them grammatically through familiar (Indo-European) linguistic terms, making the languages official, and making them curriculum to rescue and revitalize the culture, and a people.
Is not alphabetization a clear task of primary, maybe of secondary education, while higher education can distance itself from this task and just focus on disciplinary content and specialist training?
Seventh are innovations in organization that enable people to work together, including the Gregorian calendar and alphabetization.
Aside from a few technical glitches (notably in the alphabetization of the bibliography), this book is indispensable for gaining a broad perspective on epigraphy in the eastern Islamic world.
Professionalizing and socio-labor educational plans, digital alphabetization for integration and traditional gender work roles for women.
You can also do strict alphabetization, although you should remember to leave enough room that you don't find yourself unable to squeeze in a particular address or phone number at the correct place (e.g., trying to find a spot for John Smith's information but finding no line space between the entries for Mary Sloan and Joe Snyder, oops!).
If SMS was already proposed by Comcel-Voila, Digicel contributes to its democratization (through advantageous billing plans, SMS promotion) in a population with a very low alphabetization rate.
Throughout the early colonial era, there were two major spheres where traditional, oral, and pictorial modes of communication withstood change and at the same time underwent a process of a solid adaptation and integration into alphabetization: the Spanish doctrinas, the parish framework (where members of the native elite were schooled by Franciscan, Augustinian, and Dominican friars), and the Spanish colonial court.
(40.) John de Francis, "The Alphabetization of Chinese," Journal of the American Oriental Society 63 (1943): 225-240.
As Jagodzinski puts it: "We are living through the early stages of a shift from the alphabetization of the mind to its modification by digitalized screen images within a synoptic assemblage" (p.
The show, entitled "Apercus du passe, espoirs du futur" (Overview of the past, hope of the future) is the culmination of a one-month program in Tibnine put on by the nongovernmental organization The Lebanese Association for Human Promotion and Alphabetization (ALPHA) that aimed to help children use art to deal with traumatic experiences, in particular the 2006 summer war.