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Synonyms for alphabetised

having been put in alphabetical order

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The days of vinyl collections that take up entire rooms and stacks or shelves of neatly alphabetised CD collections are numbered as they look set to go the way of the 48.
No one has alphabetised your CD collection, left his pants on the bathroom floor, or expected you to be his mam.
The book is separated into three parts: The Dictionary of Appreciation - an alphabetised listing of 1,001 positive adjectives; Insights and Reflections on the Art of Appreciation; and Creative Ways to Express Appreciation.
It can play any of your music collection at the touch of a button without having to root among your CD clutter or, depending on your preference, flicking through the carefully alphabetised collection.
I was already reeling from the news that Tom alphabetised his records - the only things in order on a show which obviously thinks continuity must be a new Calvin Klein perfume.