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Synonyms for alphabetical

relating to or expressed by a writing system that uses an alphabet


arranged in order according to the alphabet


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Best in Business winners for Breaking News coverage, by category and listed in alphabetical order:
So let us start by dividing the words in which the consonants occur in alphabetical order/reverse alphabetical order into three categories: those in which all the consonants are different, those in which at least one consonant is repeated, and those in which all the consonants are repeated.
html, with links to adult education and business schools; music, art and culinary schools, and alphabetical and geographical directories.
Greatly simplified hunt & peck typing on alphabetical keys, color-coded on the NSK535R.
The rebellion and name change in Zaire means a shake-up at the United Nations, where everything from seating to flagpoles is assigned by alphabetical order.
According to the IAPA Travel Safety Alert, the "Safest of the World's Biggest Airlines are (in alphabetical order): American Airlines, British Airways, Delta Air Lines, Lufthansa German Airlines, Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) and Southwest Airlines.
In the alphabetical implementation of Fastap on a high volume mainstream flip phone, the keypad has been proven to increase wireless data ARPU by 97%.
Other companies included in the survey (in alphabetical order) were Hewlett Packard and Lexmark/IBM.
Survey participants most frequently cited the following as representing quintessential "operational CEO's" (in alphabetical order):
Ergonomic, 53-Key, Alphabetical Keyboard From New Standard Keyboards is Great Gift for Adults, Kids, Gamers, Business, Home and School
Listings include managers' names and telephone numbers 4 indexes: alphabetical, by location, by industry, by HQ
Nominees for "Family Car of the Year" are (in alphabetical order):
Presented in table/chart format, the alphabetical entries give info on titles, dates of first publication and translation, and locations where historical books are now housed.
When the above article was first published online, in the third paragraph of the second page the sentence "Toponyms (including street names, both on the map and as a separate alphabetical and grid-indexed list) in are given Cyrillic script.