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Synonyms for alphabetical

relating to or expressed by a writing system that uses an alphabet


arranged in order according to the alphabet


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Another theoretical point of view regarding reading learning sequence is the so called written language Psychogenesis, which says that the learner makes hypotheses about the code, walking through a pass that can be represented by levels: pre-syllabic, syllabic, syllabic-alphabetical and alphabetical (10).
What presidential surname displays its letters in reverse alphabetical order?
"The reason for it was that there were a lot of arguments over which shirts people wanted to wear so manager Cesar Menotti decided to do it in alphabetical order.
Einav and Yariv (2006) collected data from professors in Top 30 economics departments in the United States and mentioned the effects of alphabetical order in reference lists on academic success, but they did not provide empirical evidence for it.
Alphabetical Order by Michael Frayn opens tonight at Allesley Village Hall for a week-long run.
South Wales men's team, in alphabetical order: Chris Lewis (captain), Craig Evans, Farris Gosea, James, Hignett, Evan Hoyt, Nail Keegan, Daniel Sidaway, Rhodri Vaughan.
In the following pages, you'll find Product Listings containing hundreds of suppliers, neatly organized by category and subcategory, and in alphabetical order.
The chemicals are presented in alphabetical order (with numbers, Greek letters, and other notations such as n- or tert- ignored to allow easier alphabetical location), but can also be located using Chemical Abstracts Service registry numbers.
The new directory, produced by Premedia International FZ-LLC contains five sections including General Information in industrial sector; Alphabetical Listing -- Manufactures; Classified Section -- Products; Alphabetical Listing -- Industrial Services and Classified Section -- Industrial Services.
The book contains concise information on 91 uncommon diseases selected by the author and presented in alphabetical order from Achalasia to Zollinger-Ellison Syndrome.
Alphabetical (2.50 Newton Abbot) has not won since December 2006, but has finally dropped back to his winning mark after nine unsuccessful runs and can be expected to run better than his likely odds suggest, writes Stephen Morgan.
Part I consists of poems describing fruits and vegetables in alphabetical order.
The following, in alphabetical order, is a list of MTNA members who died during the past year and whose family and friends notified MTNA national headquarters.
*The longest word in English with all the letters in alphabetical order is "almost."